Magrudergrind ‘II’ CD/LP/DD 2016

Magrudergrind 'II'Magrudergrind are back after six years of silence and they remain just as brutal and relentless as they were back then. Their new album, recorded at GodCity studio with acclaimed musician, producer and engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche and High on Fire) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails) is a deafening and vehement manifest of grind and powerviolence. Basically, if you are looking for melodies and beautiful harmonies, there are none. The band doesn’t pull any punches, creating music so savage it feels you are on the receiving end of a physical attack. Moreover, their lyrics are equally strong, making this album an exercise in passionate anger and leaving the listener emotionally exhausted when it`s all over.

However, it is important to note that the sonic brutally is masterfully crafted. For example, the insane speed is sometimes replaced with some slower parts, which still sound heavy as hell and actually make these anthems of mayhem seem even more devastating. It is hard to mention just one song because the beauty of this album is that each wild assault on our ears comes one after another; however, Sacrificial Hire, with its groove-infected riffs and the overall chaotic nature of the band`s musical identity, might very well be the highlight of their new studio effort.

Speaking of highlights, drummer Casey Moore absolutely shines on this album – look no further than his awe-inspiring performance on Hara-Kiri to realise what an amazing, proficient and precise drummer he really is – a beast torturing his drum kit! In fact, the whole band is tighter than ever, sounding like a well-oiled machine – or a powerful tank ready to destroy everything in its path. Besides, all this frustration and darkness can very well become a kind of therapy, a way to release that annoying and negative energy one gets when having to deal with life’s inevitable problems. In that sense, this listening experience is certainly cathartic and the level of intensity is almost poetic at times.

In the end, some might say that the album offers nothing new, but the lack of innovation becomes meaningless when the execution is nearly flawless. Yes, these formulas have been used in the past, but Magrudergrind continue to prove they know how to successfully use them to create an exciting and furious record; above anything else, they sound genuine and one can feel they love what they do.

Label: Relapse Records
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Scribed by: Jorge Miguel