Review: Kita ‘Ocean Of Acid’ EP

Kita are a Finnish, sludge, death, hate, doom, progressive fuelled menacing project. This is their debut EP entitled Ocean Of Acid. A near thirty-minute onslaught that can ask and answer a few questions and I reckon I’m just the dude to tackle them.

Kita ‘Ocean Of Acid’

What the hell does an alien formed out of dreams of acid dipped darkness sound like when they travel to their destination? Just wait as ten seconds in you’ll hear it. Can one song on a five track EP just be a symbol? Yeah! You know it can. Can my cats sleep through this? They woke me up at 5am (yeah, they had food and water) to be awful and I’m torturing their sleep by blasting this in retaliation. They slept through every scream. Every evil riff. Every drumhead clinging to life as it’s pummelled. Because…well. They’ve lived with me for years so of course they did. This isn’t their first rodeo and I have to imagine the shame of not being able to wake my cats up is why I can’t seem to find any information about the band themselves. I guess they want the music to speak for itself.

Starting with a distant call of help an alarm jolts me on high alert on ????. Dissonant guitars flutter and crash against vocals that jump from shrieks to pleas. Astral Abyss grooves into oblivion within seconds and doesn’t dare lift its grip as it drops thick like honey dripping of razor wire. The chords chug with the might of a train that runs on fear and misery.

Dissonant guitars flutter and crash against vocals that jump from shrieks to pleas…

Starting quite beautifully Siren Song Of Eternity has a sense of grace not seen before. A haunting voice peeks in and out from the shadows. This beast plays like a thrash song that’s studying Buddhism but keeps smashing true enlightenment with evil incantations. A hardened sludge aura has permeated this thing since we started, but the sludge reaches a fever pitch on Sagittarius Eye. It’s like watching these alien shapes and sounds truly come into maturity as the song ends with a synthesizer and guitar, making them really getting to know each other and probably deciding on when an appropriate time to get married is.

The singing shadow siren returns at the beginning of Ocean Of Acid and I’m officially caught off guard. Like. Guys. I understand some of these words being sung. The track comes off the ground sounding like a Finnish opera but goes off the deep end into power chords melting into dissonance and filth.

I went to their Bandcamp page. It says they want to trip to the darkest corners of my (yes mine not your) soul but I’m not buying that for a second. I think it wants to hollow out my soul, eating its laying eggs in the cavity, then sits and watches me wretch as they wiggle and peek out before leaving nothing but a husk. I hope the review gives everyone nightmares and piques their curiosity into listening, then they get more nightmares, before returning to their normal lives humbled by this whole mess.

Label: No Profit Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Richard Murray