Jex Thoth – S/T – CD 2008

Jex Thoth - S/T - CD 2008The first thing I’ll say about this album is… Get yourself suitably sedated and let this fucker drag you back to a time long before soapbar.

Opener, ‘Nothing Left to Die’ should not take long to put a smile on your face (probably about 30 seconds), with its kick ass riffage and first taste of the brilliant female vocal. Next, ‘The Banishment’ is a rather more hypnotic and soothing affair with a vocal delivery to match. Skip a few tracks to ‘Son of Yule’ with its huge opening riff and again those vocals. ‘Warrior Woman’ is strangely brilliant, with the vocal on this one reaching sublime levels.

You may of noticed that I keep mentioning the vocals, well that’s because they are fucking awesome, really fitting and complementing (you could also say making) the music these Slab City residents create. The rest of the band must of been of a similar opinion, they are indeed, renamed after their front woman.

If this does not get your head nodding you have either over done the sedation or are unfortunately already dead.

Label: I Hate Records

Scribed by: Mark Burns