Review: Tropic Santos ‘Caccia Grossa’

Tropic Santos were formed in Milan around 2018/2019 and are a trio of Italian musicians who have come from other underground bands to combine their talents and let their music do the talking for them. They have managed to amalgamate different styles of music from stoner, post-hardcore and kraut/space rock to create six instrumental songs that are truly enthralling and bewitching.

Tropic Santos 'Caccia Grossa' Artwork
Tropic Santos ‘Caccia Grossa’ Artwork

From the outset of the opening track Dead Tropic, you can just sense that this is going to be an epic journey of discovery into the joyful world of psych and stoner rock, and after a few minutes of listening to the rhythm being kicked out, that’s exactly what it delivers on many, many levels.

Listening to such exquisite songs as No Amico and Mystic Liver, it is evident that they don’t need words, as the music speaks for itself. The grooves are captivating and flow really well with lots of rhythm changes which have a hypnotic quality to them. What is also impressive is that you can hear all three of the instruments in the mix, which is something I like, especially the bass sound from Luca Imidi.

six instrumental songs that are truly enthralling and bewitching…

Even though they formed earlier, they didn’t start playing live until 2022 after the Covid pandemic but soon mesmerised audiences with their imaginative sound. This has naturally evolved into the recording of Caccia Grossa which translates as ‘The Big Game’ and something they have definitely brought to the table. You listen to songs like Convoy and wrapped up either end of the start and finish is a middle section which will leave everyone who listens to it headbanging along in unison.

With Marco De Salvo on guitar and Giulio Tiberi making up the trio, they have saved their best song until the penultimate number, as Jaguar Mamas is a thing of instrumental beauty. It is a song that simply demands attention from the listener, the rhythm is so simple and effective but also extremely powerful and provocative. It definitely draws you closer into their world, which is fine with me!!

The thirty-three minutes of music is over far too quickly as the final song, Sacred Forces Saturation, has a different feel giving one last twist to their sound and wrapping things up nicely. This just adds to the simplicity of their music and the trio have created an album which you won’t want to switch off.

Label: Argonauta Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

Scribed by: Matthew Williams