Review: Endtime & Cosmic Reaper ‘Doom Sessions Vol. 7’

Heavy Psych Sounds have released seven fantastic split albums featuring fourteen outstanding doom metal bands. It’s a series I very much look forward to, and Volume 7 is a perfect example of why. Five songs encompassing the greatness of Uppsala, Sweden’s Endtime and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Cosmic Reaper!

Endtime/Cosmic Reaper 'Doom Sessions Vol. 7'

Having reviewed albums by both bands in the past, this was a no brainer for me to cover. I love the previous efforts of both bands and although sonically different, the two pair up nicely together.

Endtime is up first with Tunnel Of Life. One may expect distortion to kick things off, but rhythmic synth is the first sound to break through the speakers while rushing riffs aren’t far away. The angelic vocals accompanied by a synth lead puts an uplifting melody on top of the heavy distorted chords. Once Christian Chatfield chimes in, his harsher vocals pierce through sounding ominous. A great way to open this split.

Endtime use a variety of unique sonics and next track, Beyond The Black Void, is no different. Their music is filled to capacity with terrifying sounds, and as I’ve said before, Endtime should be used as the soundtrack to a horror film. The slow, gargantuan riffs fill the air shaking the foundations and again Charfield’s distinctive voice contributes to the revulsion as the band chugs along. Two songs in, and Endtime have set the bar high.

While Endtime started off this album with synth, Sundowner by Cosmic Reaper starts with thunderous drums that would have been a fantastic beginning to this album as well. I’m sure it was a tough choice who opens Volume 7, I may be slightly biased having witnessed the song live and feeling the power of the drums run through my bones. As the track continues, Collis and Prentice work in first-rate harmonies above the heavy undertones provided by Garlington and Grobsmith.

Five songs encompassing the greatness of Uppsala, Sweden’s Endtime and Charlotte, North Carolina’s Cosmic Reaper…

The exceptional songwriting continues on Dead And Loving It. Cosmic Reaper starts off strong as their in-your-face wall of sound remains throughout. They also come across more explosive on this split, the energy is high, similar to Planet Eater or Heavens Gate from their Self-Titled album, and things only tame at the end as Dead And Loving It fades out to nothing…

…then fades back in with King Of Kings colossal riffs. Pummeling drums drive this song along and transition into a jungle-esque groove with a Black Sabbath inspired lead and touching on their roots of Demon Dance from their 2019 EP of the same name. Each member gets their time to shine, whether it’s Collis’ clean soaring vocals, Garlington’s fuzzed-out bass groove, Grobsmith’s exquisite drumming or Prentice’s face-melting solo. Cosmic Reaper once again delivers more outstanding music.

I really enjoy split albums because mixing two bands into one release is intriguing, they match styles and sounds while creating a unique piece of art. Speaking of art, the covers are also epic across all the volumes as Heavy Psych Sounds are doing a fantastic job with these splits and I hope the series has a long life span.

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
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Scribed by: Josh Schneider