Domovoyd ‘Oh Sensibility’ CD/LP/DD 2013

Domovoyd 'Oh Sensibility'It is nothing new that Finland is in the forefront of doom metal in general and psychedelic doom in particular. Maybe I should dig deeper into this phenomenon but I’m afraid that would be a long time consuming piece so I’ll better leave it to someone else more fitted for the task.

The mighty Svart Records gives us yet another masterpiece of hazy drone driven doom metal in the psychedelic category when Domovoyd release their debut full length album ‘Oh Sensibility’ that follows up their 2011 EP ‘Mytonaut’.

2010 is the birth year of Domovoyd when four Finnish friends decided to get together and create something new celebrating all that is psychedelic. To quote the band itself “Saddle up your space rocket and say goodbye to your sensibilities”.

The tempo is slow but yet with an energy that makes your blood flow faster and the volume is loud. It is a long sludgy slippery slope that Domovoyd invites us to slide down or let me rephrase that, pushes us down with full force and on the journey down this slope, there’s a lot of magical weird things to experience. The songs take unexpected turns all the time and pushes further into the unknown centre of all that is psychedelic and dark.

The sound is very thick and fuzzy and I say it again loud. Very loud. It sounds like there are a hundred guitars playing at once, that’s how massive it is. With echoing, sometimes screaming, sometimes singing and sometimes just fucked up vocals sounding like they come from outer space that blends in to the Domovoyd sound perfectly. The echoing effects, not just on the vocals but throughout ‘Oh Sensibility’ makes your mind wander even further. Very original hazy riffs that pushes the boundaries of how heavy a riff can be, is found throughout this 54 minute trip.

I like the fact that it’s not all just trippy and psyched out which can get boring in the long run, at least for me, but Domovoyd manages to keep it dark and heavy through the whole album while still keeping it pretty damn psychedelic.

Some of the songs float out into acoustic instrumental dreamy soundscapes and then takes a turn back to the heavy distorted guitar driven doom and yanks you back to consciousness but keeps you in the world of Domovoyd. A beautiful yet scary place where darkness is always present and time stands still. It is very hypnotising listening to this and you stay hypnotized even after the record ends and for a few seconds, confusion is total. I call that the number one proof of a great psychedelic sound!

Did I mention that it is also very loud?

All their previous material is available at their Bandcamp site and should not be missed by anyone and ‘Oh Sensibility’ can also be purchased in gatefold LP and CD at the Svart Records webshop.

Label: Svart Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Johannes van der Meer