Review: Burning Sister ‘Mile High Downer Rock’

Today we visit the city of Denver, home to a trio of musicians that came together to form Burning Sister. Their first full-length album is coming out on November 4th and is called Mile High Downer Rock. Made up of Steve Miller on bass, synth, and vox, Drake Brownfield on guitars, and drummer Alison Salutz. The three of them created eight tracks that consist of a mix of genres that include stoner rock, heavy psych, acid rock, and even some blues.

Burning Sister 'Mile High Downer Rock'

Album opener Leather Mistress is one of the best songs on this record. It has a bit of a Black Sabbath thing going on, particularly once you reach the wah soaked bass guitar part; total Geezer Butler vibes! The riffs are super fuzzy, the tempo is slow and low, and the vocals are perfectly suited to what Burning Sister is laying down.

Up next, we find Acid Night Vision, another song that worships the blues-based groove of Black Sabbath, with some Sleep thrown in for good measure. I’m a huge fan of the bass playing on the whole record, being an old bassist myself I enjoy it when players don’t just lay back and fill up the bottom end, I like to hear the bass using movement to convey a feel, and Miller does exactly that on this, and every song on the album.

blues-based groove of Black Sabbath, with some Sleep thrown in for good measure…

Cloven Tongues is a little more straightforward but definitely rooted in what Al Cisneros and Matt Pike do with Sleep. Its slow tempo, open spaces, and overall weight make it one of the top tracks on Mile High Downer Rock.

Dead Sun Blues is another excellent offering, with blues being the foundation of the song. The stoner vibe is strong, yet it has an almost ‘90s flavor as well, which I think is great, I just wish I could put my finger on what band makes me think that; I really enjoy that element no matter the reason. The guitar solo is the best on the album, and the bass part behind it is wonderful!

Burning Sister are a band that has a lot to offer the listener, despite not breaking any new ground. They deliver everything that defines their chosen genre, which is really what we all want anyway. I look forward to seeing where they go from here, and I highly recommend this album to fans of this type of music! Enjoy!!!

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Tom Hanno