SLOMATICS Set To Release New Album ‘A Hocht’ Via Head Of Crom & Burning World


The new SLOMATICS album, entitled ‘A Hocht’ is set to see the light of day in the months ahead, the recording has been mastered by James Plotkin (of course) and it’s a superb psychedelic super-heavy romp through the inner recesses of the creative minds of Chris, David and Marty (Slomatics to you).

A Hocht’ will be released on limited orange vinyl by Head Of Crom Records while Burning World will handle the CD which also features stunning artwork visualised by the ever faithful Tony Roberts.

Slomatics 'A Hocht' Artwork

In other Head Of Crom news, the release of the forthcoming Slabdragger/Meadows Split 12” has seen a slight delay in it hitting the streets, but Adam, head honcho over at Head of Crom stated it will be available soon with prices set at £12 UK, £14 Europe and £15 for everywhere else.