Roadburn In Collaboration With Ruffstuffmusic Presents: Your Highness, King Hiss, Tangled Horns, Ashtoreth & Miava

Roadburn 2015 - Ruffstuffmusic

Over the years, Belgium has become a hotbed of musical creativity, ranging from indie to garage rock, and virtually everything in between. Anno 2015, a lot of inspiring stoner / metal, sludge and (dark) psychedelic / atmospheric bands are emerging from Belgium‘s ever-fertile breeding grounds, spearheaded by Amenra and their Church of Ra disciples.

Hot on Amenra‘s heels, bands such as Briqueville, Your Highness, King Hiss and Moaning Cities are also making waves, and this year’s festival will showcase the cutting edge of Belgium‘s finest Roadburn-related bands, easily holding their own when it comes to their international peers – musically and artistically.

In collaboration with one of Belgium’s foremost bookings agencies, Ruffstuffmusic, we offer Your Highness, King Hiss, Tangled Horns, Ashtoreth, and Miava an outlet in front of the receptive and open-minded Roadburn crowd on Saturday, April 11. These up and coming talents richly deserve their place in the Roadburn line up and we’re thrilled to host such exciting, cutting edge bands as these alongside Roadburn’s established acts.

Hailing from the ports of Antwerp, Your Highness will be leading the charge. Over the last couple of years, the band has built a strong reputation for catchy, rampaging stoner-metal, shivering blues, and scintillating live shows throughout much of Europe.

Your Highness is about to release their sophomore album, City In Ruins, the follow up their split LP with Hedonist, on February 7 at Hangar 27 in Edegem (Bel).

King Hiss will kick a good deal of ass with a barrage of voracious riffing, thunderous grooves, and their exhilarating live-performances that push the band beyond the confines of the stoner rock genre – as showcased on their debut full-length, Sadlands.

This tight unit has taken Belgium by storm (supporting Red Fang and Kverlertak among others, plus a set at Graspop Metal Meeting)  – with Roadburn to follow. Be warned!

Diggin’ raw power? Are you craving stoner, grunge or fucked-up blues rock? Then look no further: Antwerp-based Tangled Horns is the band for you.

Indulging their insatiable desire to channel the spirit of Melvins, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Soundgarden on albums such as Klang and Immovable Object, these little rascals crank out their ball-bustin’ bad boy rawk with tongue-in-cheeck aplomb, underpinned by their rip roaring live reputation.

Ashtoreth is a solo-project in search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditative drones with layers of meandering guitars, and at others a catharsis of doom, drone, ambient, folk, metal, noise and experimentation. But always in a free and improvised form. A one man journey into the unknown, exploring new sonic landscapes with every single live performance.

Miava offers a majestic, instrumental post-metal, stoner rock hybrid; clenched adrenaline and haunting riffs are a constant through the songs of their debut album, Essay on Bentham. Controlled euphoria goes into the layered song structures with regularity of the clock in nervous, almost claustrophobic dark passages, which will definitely win over many Roadburners.

Roadburn Festival 2015 will run for four days from Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 12 at the 013 venue, Het Patronaat and Cul de Sac in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Get your tickets HERE.