INDIAN: Blackened Doom Deviants Unleash New Song ‘Rhetoric Of No’


Hoping to lurch you into a full-blown, noise-strewn, festive sound orgy, Chicago blackened doom deviants INDIAN offer up a taste of their soon-to-be detonated full length release, From All Purity. Recorded at Electrical Audio and Soma Studios in Chicago with engineer/co-producer Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Yob, Samothrace), From All Purity places the band’s notorious audio belligerence in an entirely new dimension with six ear-spearing tracks of harsh, psychologically acerbic hymns of hatred, disease and despair. From All Purity is the true the antithesis of easy listening.

Feel the punishment that is Rhetoric Of No below:

Forged in 2003, the band’s debut EP, God Slave, was a self-released mission statement, welcoming INDIAN into the world like young, kicking, screaming giants. INDIAN’s first three full-lengths – The Unquiet Sky, Slights And Abuse, and The Sycophant, respectively – were all issued through Portland, Oregon-based metal imprint Seventh Rule Recordings. Each of these releases found the band gaining momentum and attracting followers, as well as performing shows with scene heavyweights such as Wolves in the Throne Room, Locrian, and Agalloch.

After signing to Relapse Records in 2010, INDIAN began to diligently craft their fourth full-length, knowing all eyes were on them. Not only did the band live up to fans’ lofty expectations, they also achieved a massive critical breakthrough. Guiltless was released in 2011 to rave reviews. The Chicagoist described the album as, “a musical journey into the mouth of teeth-rattling metal madness,” while Metal Hammer simply called it, “pretty much an essential album.” Fans were also impressed, gathering to soak up the band’s feverish rays of doom on tour across the country. INDIAN performed shows with High on Fire, Batillus, and Yob, translating their recorded sounds into a murky, devilish live spectacle. Such performances confirmed INDIAN as one of the most exciting metal acts making music today, recalling an era in which the genre felt truly new, bursting with energy and untapped potential.

Indian 'From All Purity' Artwork

From All Purity will see its official release via Relapse Records on CD/LP/Digital in North America on January 21st, 2014, Germany/Benelux/Finland on January 17th, and in the UK/World on January 20th.

Preorder your copy of From All Purity via Relapse Records HERE.

Source: Pioneer Music Press