EAGLE TWIN Announce UK & Euro Tour Dates This April & May

Eagle Twin

Salt Lake City-based heavy music duo EAGLE TWIN are force to be reckoned with, merging the immense talents of guitarist Gentry Densley (Iceburn, Ascend) with the thunderous percussion of Tyler Smith (formerly of Form of Rocket). Riff seekers in the UK and Europe can bask in their heavy rituals, here are the dates…

Fri 25.04.14 MelloMello, Liverpool, UK
Sat 26.04.14 ‘kin Hell Fest, Eiger Music Studios, Leeds, UK [info]
Sun 27.04.14 Desert Fest, Underworld, Camden, UK [info]
Tue 29.04.14 Magnet, Berlin, Germany
Wed 30.04.14 Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany
Thu 01.05.14 Heavy Days In Doomtown, Ungdomhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark [info]
Fri 02.05.14 Spring Void, Regensburg, Germany
Sat 03.05.14 StonedGatherings, Glazart, Paris, France
Sun 04.05.14 Jeugdhuis ‘t Slot, Wortel, Belgium
Mon 05.05.14 Elfer, Frankfurt, Germany
Tue 06.05.14 Chemie Fabrik, Dresden, Germany
Wed 07.05.14 Halle, Hühnermanhattan, Germany
Thu 08.05.14 Pohoda music club, Plzen , Czech Republic
Fri 09.05.14 PMK, Innsbruck, Austria (200)
Sat 10.05.14 Lofi, Milan, Italy
Sun 11.05.14 Romandie, Lausanne, Switzerland

Eagle Twin 'The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale' Artwork

Across two full-length albums a concept emerges, and on their latest album, entitled, The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale (review here) the themes pick up right where the band’s acclaimed debut LP, The Unkindness of Crows, left off. In this installment, the crows documented in the first album have battled the sun and were burned back down to earth as black snakes, the concept of the album focusing mainly on the snake and its various mythic and symbolic incarnations. Ultimately, the great ancestral snake is transformed from its lowly beginnings back into a bird soaring upon the thermals. Demonstrating the cyclical nature of being.

The Feather Tipped The Serpent’s Scale was recorded with Randall Dunn at London Bridge Studio (as with the first album), the record boasts some of the most mesmerising and monstrous riff transformations from Eagle Twin to date.

Listen and share the ear-splitting riffs of ‘Snake Hymn‘ below:


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