Conny Ochs To Play Acoustic Solo Show at Roadburn 2012

Roadburn 2012 - Conny Ochs

Roadburn are excited to annouce that Germany’s Conny Ochs will do an acoustic solo performance, in additon to his show with Wino, on Saturday, April 14th at Het Patronaat, located only about 30 meters from the entrance to the 013 venue.

Ochs‘ latest solo album, Raw Love Songs (out on Exile on Mainstream Records), is emotionally captivating: joy lives there, but right next door to  despair. In the end though, Ochs‘ primal approach, his tone and his lyrics will keep you engaged, there’s always hope around the next corner of the labyrinth, and he makes sure you won’t get lost. Instead, you’ll find a heart warming spirituality underpinning his  straight up honesty.

Please note: Conny Ochs will start at 3pm, only 30 minutes after the doors are open.