Desertfest Rolls The DYSE At Desertfest 2013 London


Dÿse are a dynamic due, a German pairing who were friends before-hand, playing in bands which frequently toured together across Germany; drummer Jari van Gohl was in Rodeo Queen and guitarist André Dietrich was in Volt. Through their commitment and dedication to touring, Dÿse have established a reputation as an electrifying live act and have only released two LP’s since forming in 2005, preferring to keep the momentum with frequent EP releases.

Their sound is an experimental stoner-toner melange that draws heavily on post-hardcore, which is what Jari’s roots were in when he began as a guitarist before switching to drums for stoner rockers Rodeo Queen. André brings the unsettling, unpredictable vocal assault along with his convulsive, frenzied riffing. Jari’s galvanic tub thumping seals the deal and a Dÿse performance is renowned for being as exhausting to watch as it is to play.

Having appeared with the likes of similarly-minded Desertscene faves Beehoover, those who particularly like bathing in the intensity that no-limit two-pieces can generate are in for a real spectacle and the welcome announcement of Dÿse adds yet another exciting element to this year’s unbelievable lineup!

Desertfest 2013 takes place between 26th – 28th April 2013 over 4 venues in Camden, London and tickets are available at

Word Courtesy of Rich After Sabbath