Roadburn Campsite: Useful Info

Roadburn Festival 2013 is less than two weeks away! To help you get ready and make your stay at the camp site as low stress as possible, here is some useful information:

The Roadburn camp site at de Beekse Bergen is open from 11:00am on Thursday, April 18th until noon (12pm) on Monday, April 22. There are toilets, hot showers and running water on site. Remember: generators, portable sound systems and open fires are strictly prohibited on the Roadburn camp site! Small transistor radios and photo / film equipment are permitted.

De Beekse Bergen safari campsite
(located on the N269 between Hilvarenbeek and Tilburg)
Beekse Bergen 31
5081 Hilvarenbeek

If you wish to extend your stay to include Sunday night, you can purchase a separate ONE-DAY AFTERBURNER CAMPSITE TICKET for the Afterburner at the campsite. Bus fare from the Tivoli car park to the campsite Sunday night and to the Tilburg train station on Monday is included.

Festival shuttle buses will provide service to Tilburg Central Station, Tivoli parking garage (located about 100 meters from the 013 venue) and the Roadburn camp site, including the Jungalow Park.

Please note that if you are staying in one of the Beekse Bergen “Jungalow” or “Chalet” cottages, shuttle bus service is not included in the price of your accommodation. A single ticket costs 2.5 euro and can be purchased on the bus. It’s also possible to get a 3-day ticket for 12.5 euro or a 4-day ticket for 17.5 euro and save some money.

Here’s the running order for the Festival shuttle buses!

Roadburn 2013 - Campsite Info