Future Noise & The Sleeping Shaman in association with Exile On Mainstream are trying to bring STINKING LIZAVETA, DARSOMBRA & IDES OF GEMINI for 2 separate tours to the UK in September 2012 and we need your HELP! Please get in touch if you can help with a show, IDES OF GEMINI will also play selected shows on the tour with the UK’s UNDERSMILE.

Below you’ll find further information about all bands appearing on these tours as well as the planned schedules so if you’d like to help out and put on a date, please drop Future Noise an email at contact [at] future-noise [dot] co [dot] uk or fill out the form on their contact page HERE.

Stinking Lizaveta

STINKING LIZAVETA are set to give you a nice ear massage and cut you some new haircuts!! A chance for everyone to get a show of the shredding outfit that is STINKING LIZAVETA. Not only that, the band has just finished work on their new album under the working title “Moral Hazard”, which will be out on label Exile On Mainstream in late August 2012,. Baltimore kings STINKING LIZAVETA take advantage from Frank Zappa and shape their skills into something completely outstanding and extraordinary.


For this set of gigs STINKING LIZAVETA have teamed up with Brian Daniloski aka DARSOMBRA, to some of you known from his tour with WINO and CONNY OCHS in 2010. DARSOMBRA also will have a new album out on Exile On Mainstream in early September 2012 to coincide with this tour.

Ides Of Gemini

IDES OF GEMINI is a collusion of musical forces precipitated by the haunting and inimitable vocal prowess of singer/bassist Sera Timms, also of Los Angeles dark-psych alchemists BLACK MATH HORSEMAN. The compositions are the long-simmering mental fallout of veteran music and film journalist J. Bennett (guitar/backing vocals), who has spent most of the last 14 years writing for such publications as Decibel, Terrorizer, Revolver, Alternative Press and Thrasher. The third and final corner of the triangle is Kelly Johnston, whose martial drumming techniques and soaring backing vocals literally brought IDES OF GEMINI to life as a performing entity. Full-length debut, Constantinople, now out on Neurot Recordings.


UNDERSMILE  long-awaited debut album Narwhal out now Future Noise Recordings on,  The album, which follows 2010’s A Sea of Dead Snakes EP and last year’s split EP with Caretaker, is a progression into darker, heavier territory for the band. Clocking in at just under the 80-minute mark, Narwhal was co-produced and mixed by the band and Jimmy “Evil” Hetherington and mastered by the legendary Billy Anderson.


Sat, 15/09/2012 UK
Sun, 16/09/2012 UK
Mon, 17/09/2012 UK
Tue, 18/09/2012 UK
Wed, 19/09/2012 UK
Thu, 20/09/2012 UK
Fri, 21/09/2012 UK

IDES OF GEMINI *(some shows with UNDERSMILE)
Mon, 17/09/2012 UK
Tue, 18/09/2012 UK
Wed, 19/09/2012 UK – Sheffield (TBC)
Thu, 20/09/2012 UK
Fri, 21/09/2012 UK – Bristol