OM’s Meditative ‘Addis’ Transformed Into Hypnotic Dubplate Courtesy Of Alpha & Omega


Just as OM‘s Advaitic Songs achieved a level of composition that was impossible to forsee, it might come as a surprise to hear that they handed over the track ‘Addis‘ from their most recent long player for a dubplate reworking from UK roots and dub legends Alpha & Omega. Then again, given OM‘s longstanding mantra when it comes to creating bass-heavy and sensually rhythmic songs, perhaps it should not.

The ‘Addis‘ dubplate has already emerged from other vibrational dimensions to ours, but what’s one without another? That’s right, a second dubplate is on the way, also via Alpha & Omega, for Advaitic Songs’ ‘Gethsemane’ – but for that you’ll have to wait until May 20th.

Since providing two new dubplates, one would assume Al Cisneros could use a rest. Fortunately for us, Al rests by making more music- stay alert and at the ready for “Ark Procession” b/w “Jericho” the first Al Cisneros 10″ offering for Drag City, in June.

2 dubplates – Songs from the album Advaitic Songs – remixed by Alpha & Omega.

Addis dubplate:
Side 1: Ababa Dub
Side 2: Addis Ababa

Gethsemane dubplate:
Side 1: Garden of Gethsemane
Side 2: Garden of Dub

OM / Alpha & Omega 'Advaitic Dubplate'

Addis‘ was released on Drag City last week on 18 March with ‘Gethsemane‘ released on 20 May.

OM also have live shows confirmed, here are the tour dates:

4/26/2013 Austin Psych Festival. Austin, TX.
5/7/2013 Adelaide, Australia Jive
5/8/2013 Brisbane, Australia The Hi Fi
5/9/2013 Sydney, Australia Annandale Hotel
5/10/2013 Melbourne, Australia The Hi Fi
5/11/2013 Perth, Australia Rosemount Hotel
5/24/13 Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona Spain
5/31/13 Optimus Primavera Sound Festival

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