A389 RECORDINGS: Digital Mixtape MMXIII Now Available For Free Download; Includes New INTEGRITY Track + More

A389 Recordings

Following recent A389 Recordings announcements on some of the label’s biggest priority titles to date — including brand new LPs from INTEGRITY, FULL OF HELL and NOISEM — the label now sets its ninth annual label mixtape/digital compilation loose upon the masses. The owners of Baltimore-based A389 have been offering similar free mixtapes every year since its’ foundation in 2004, utilizing it to unleash music from their most high-profile acts, as well as to shed some light on releases lying in the dark corners of their intense roster.

With a punishing forty tracks culled from an array of artists, the A389 Recordings Digital Mixtape MMXIII includes several brand new and exclusive new tracks, including the world’s first exposure to the highly anticipated upcoming LP from the almighty INTEGRITY, Suicide Black Snake, here releasing the monstrous track “Beasts As Gods.” An arsenal of others including EYEHATEGOD, IRON REAGAN, NOISEM, HOMEWRECKER, FULL OF HELL, WEEKEND NACHOS, SHIN TO SHIN, RINGWORM, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP, LEFT FOR DEAD and more overthrow the nearly two hour-long beating, the entire collection mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) and bearing original artwork by Joshy Brettell (Ilsa, Exosus). This newest installment boasts the best yet in this ongoing series, showcasing A389 as an extremely hard-working extreme D.I.Y. label which continues to expand its horde and further infiltrate the planet with prime hardcore and metal releases.

CLICK HERE to download the A389 Recordings Digital Mixtape MMXIII for FREE right now!

With notable and seminal releases from heavyweights including XIBALBA, RINGWORM, THE LOVE BELOW, INTEGRITY, PULLING TEETH, ROT IN HELL, PALE CREATION, GEHENNA and more on their roster, some of A389’s most recent contributions include LIKE RATS’ self-titled 7″, SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP’s Opium Morals LP, IRON REAGAN’s Worse Than Dead, the YOUNG AND IN THE WAY/WITHDRAWAL split 7″ ILSA’s The Maggots Are Hungry LP among a sea of others.

A389 Recordings - Digital Mixtape MMXIII - Artwork

A389 Recordings Digital Mixtape MMXIII Track Listing:
1. EYEHATEGOD “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”
2. IRON REAGAN “Drop The Gun”
3. HOMEWRECKER “Chained Hanging Victim”
4. NO ONE SURVIVES “Fuckin’ Pigs”
5. INTEGRITY “Beasts As Gods”
6. ILSA “Foreign Lander”
7. FULL OF HELL “Coven Of The Larynx”
8. NOISEM “Severed”
9. WEEKEND NACHOS “Watch You Suffer”
10. EMPIRE OF RATS “Untitled”
11. PICK YOUR SIDE “Bleeding Out”
12. GOD’S AMERICA “Fill The Cracks”
13. LIKE RATS “Red Dawn”
14. MOLOKEN “Casus”
15. THE GUILT OF… “Election Of The Severed Hand”
17. YOUNG AND IN THE WAY “Psychopathy”
18. SICK FIX “Beyond The Map”
20. SHIN TO SHIN “Shin To Shin”
21. VILIPEND “Fool’s Gold”
22. LEFT FOR DEAD “Kept In Line”
23. GEHENNA “Baptized In Fallout”
24. BLIND TO FAITH “Blood Like Water”
25. RINGWORM “Necropolis” (1991 Demo)
26. CYNARAE “Harbinger”
28. THE LOVE BELOW “Let Them Eat Shit”
29. EDDIE BROCK “Boys Of Summer”
31. UNHOLY MAJESTY “Night Of Lead”
32. CLASSHOLE “Full Of Hate”
33. OLD LINES “Temple”
34. CALM THE FIRE “Chce Mi Siê Wyæ”
35. ENFORCERS ‘The End Is Near’
36. PHARAOH “Spared”
37. JUNIOR BRUCE “The Burden”
38. WITHDRAWAL “Guardian Angel”
39. NOTHING “The Rites Of Love And Death”
40. PLEASANT LIVING “Friday Night”


Source: Earsplit PR