ANAAL NATHRAKH: Revolver Magazine Streams Ferocious ‘Desideratum’ Full-Length In Its Entirety

Anaal Nathrakh

Desideratum is the forthcoming new long player from UK extreme metal misfits, ANAAL NATHRAKH. Applauded for consistently manifesting, Desideratum takes the definition of the word “extreme” to an entirely new realm of chaos.

In celebration of its official release, now less than one week away via Metal BladeANAAL NATHRAKH offers up a stream of Desideratum in its sinister entirety. Get devastated at Revolver Magazine.

Anaal Nathrakh 'Desideratum' Artwork

ANAAL NATHRAKH — guitarist/bassist/programmer Mick Kenney alongside vocalist David Hunt aka V.I.T.R.I.O.L. — replicates the sounds of true evil. With both screaming banshee tirades and traditional vocals set against an dense wall of controlled chaos, what ANAAL NATHRAKH manifests is wholly petrifying yet inexplicably inviting. Hallmarked by crushing musical dexterity, ingenuity and breadth, married with mercurial, intensely misanthropic and sharp intelligence, ANAAL NATHRAKH’s sound is infused with a palpable sense of menace that is virtually unmatched in the metal world. Desideratum was produced by Kenney, with vocals recorded at Necrodeath Studios in Birmingham, and music tracked and mixed at The Black Flamingo in Orange County, California.

Desideratum is slated to detonate on October 28th, 2014 on Metal Blade Records. In the interim, visit where you’ll find a host of killer preorder packages.

ANAAL NATHRAKH have also been confirmed to play the 10th Anniversary of the UK’s Damnation Festival which takes place on 1st November 2014, at Leeds University.

Source: Earsplit PR