Video Premiere: BERSÆRK ‘Blod & Stål’

Denmark’s BERSÆRK, although have gained a loyal following in their homeland, which like COVID-19 is growing at an exponential rate, but beyond their borders, very little is known about these hard working heathen heavy rockers. As with a lot of bands, BERSÆRK are another name to put their plans on hold. Their Danish arena tour with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy is now rescheduled for November/December, performances at Copenhell and Roskilde cancelled as well as delaying the release of their new album till later in the year.

BERSÆRK - Photo by Marika Hyldmar
Photo Credit: Marika Hyldmar

Not wanting to dwell on what could have been, BERSÆRK are ready to, in their own words, ‘fight fire with fire’ by releasing their new single Blod & Stål. Translating to ‘Blood And Steel’, the track is sung in their native Danish which the band describe as ‘a hymn foreseeing the coming of light on the other side of battle and a world in chaos’.

And today, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you the video for Blod & Stål that’s also available digitally, along with their previous releases over on their bandcamp page.


Following the release of the debut EP Trældom in 2012, the debut album Mulm in 2015 and the latest album Jernbyrd from 2018, BERSÆRK have toured extensively in their native Denmark, as well as in Norway and Germany. They are known for their intense and energetic live performances and with time, they have built a solid and loyal crowd of followers, these days known as Bersærkere – ‘Berzerkers’ in English.

The last couple of years, BERSÆRK have headlined on all major venues in Denmark, and they performed at Roskilde Festival back in 2016. Also, they have supported a string of big national and international names and in 2017, they toured both Norway and Germany. In June 2018, they played Copenhell for the second time, where they gathered the largest audience ever on the Pandæmonium stage. In April 2019, BERSÆRK sold out the main hall in the legendary Copenhagen venue Pumpehuset. This highlight was captured for eternity in the shape of the double live album Live I Pumpehuset, that was released October 2019.

Guitarist Lars Evers and singer Casper Roland-Popp also took part in the Copenhell all star band Omvendt Korstog, in which Evers wrote the lyrics for the festival hymn Elvens Ed (Danish for ‘The Wolf’s Oath’) and DK rock legends Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) and Jacob Binzer (D.A.D.) composed the music. The song is a part of the Copenhell anniversary release ‘Ten Years In Hell’, which was performed at the Copenhell anniversary show in front of 18.000 people at last year’s edition of the festival.

On November 1st 2019, BERSÆRK released brand new music in the shape of the single Balders Bål – Danish for ’The Bonfire of Balder’, referring to burial of Odin’s son, the beautiful and foreseeing god Balder –  the first precursor of the band’s next album set for a fall 2020 release.  The single was followed by video, where the band alongside director Thomas J. Mikkelsen (Carpark North, UFO Yepha a.o.)  created an wildly ambitious and grandiose video production – watch it here.

BERSÆRK live 2020/2021:
07.11.20 – Copenhagen, Royal Arena (w/ Dizzy Mizz Lizzy & Psyched Up Janis)
11.11.20 – Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center (w/ Dizzy Mizz Lizzy & Psyched Up Janis)
20.11.20 – Odense, Jyske Bank Arena (w/ Dizzy Mizz Lizzy & Psyched Up Janis)
21.11.20 – Aarhus, Ceres Arena (w/ Dizzy Mizz Lizzy & Psyched Up Janis)
12.12.20 – Næstved, Arena Næstved (w/ Dizzy Mizz Lizzy & Psyched Up Janis)
16.04.21 – Sønderborg, Mejeriet

Casper Roland Popp – Vocals
Lars Evers – Guitars
Simon Gleerup Meiner – Drums
Jens Moss Thorsen –Bass/Vocals

Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram