Premiere: TORSO ‘A Crash Course In Terror’ – Debut Album Drops This Friday via APF Records

When your current band calls it a day, what’s a man supposed to do? Gather your instruments of torture and head to Bear Bites Horse Studio under the watchful eye of Wayne Adams of course, which is exactly what Graham Bywater, guitarist and vocalist of the now dearly missed Possessor, did and with it, the horrifying TORSO was born.


The result is A Crash Course In Terror. A seven-track sonic exploration of depravity that worships at the altar of the Grindhouse film movement while ploughing its own furrow of horror metal, prog, rock and haunting cinematic soundscapes, that is set to be released this Friday, 27th January, through APF Records.

About the album, the master of ceremonies Bywater says, ‘It’s 1984. You’ve just picked up your first TORSO album. It’s raining outside. The night has fallen. Your headphones are on. The doors are all locked. The needle hits the first groove. Your eyes are closed. Your mind is open… …and away you go…’

Now today, The Shaman is honoured to bring you A Crash Course In Terror in its entirety, so click play below to enter the horrifying world of TORSO

More On TORSO & ‘A Crash Course In Terror’

From the label who brought you the horror-fueled metal of Video Nasties and Possessor, APF Records is delighted to introduce you to TORSO.

Like the Terminator rising from the flames comes a new meaner, leaner beast from the brainchild of UK horror metal legends Possessor!

TORSO 'A Crash Course In Terror'
TORSO ‘A Crash Course In Terror’ Artwork

Less than a year since that band’s demise, frontman and axe wielder Graham Bywater returns like a spectral bad penny with TORSO; the aural equivalent of a dayglo Dario Argento movie shot during an apocalypse in the early ‘90s. 

Teaming up with producer Wayne Adams (Petbrick/Wasted Death) amidst a summer of broken bones and Covid, Bywater hit Bear Bites Horse Studio to create the otherworldly, deranged debut TORSO album, A Crash Course In Terror, in less than sixteen hours.


Drawing influence from the weirdest of drive-in films, A Crash Course In Terror is a cinematic, moody and at times proggy trip owing just as much to the grunt and grime of sludge and grunge rock as it does the glamorous mayhem of Kiss.

The album charts unhinged, lo-fi territories and soundscapes, with brooding industrial rhythms, throbbing Big Muff tones, sporadic samples and keyboard bursts, heralding a new world of riff-wielding, face-ripping, celluloid-burning Grindhouse rock.

A Crash Course In Terror Tracklist:
01. Heads Start To Roll
02. Pranks
03. Sinking Spell
04. Depth Charge
05. Precious Blood
06. Death TV
07. Circuit Breaker Breaker

Graham Bywater – All Instrumentation, Lyrics
Wayne Adams – Keyboards on Pranks, Depth Charge and Circuit Breaker Breaker

A Crash Course In Terror, the debut album from Graham Bywater’s TORSO, releases this Friday, 27th January, via APF Records on translucent ultra-violet vinyl, digipak compact disc, transparent turquoise cassette and digital download. Pre-orders, along with exclusive t-shirt bundles can be purchased now on the labels webstore or direct from TORSO over on Bandcamp.

Label: APF Records
Band Links: Bandcamp | Instagram