Track Premiere: Seismic ‘Haunter Of The Dark’ – Debut Self-Titled EP Lands 13th November

Seismic by name, Seismic by fucking nature that’s for sure as this Philadelphia instrumental doom sludge trio will be a new name to some, but take note as they lay down some serious heavy riffs rooted with cavernous drums that would crumble Mount Everest. Think a screamless Somewhere Between The Train Station… era Cavity and the long, but not forgotten Ocean, but with added psych and groove, you’ll be on the right track.


Even though Seismic have been floating around, if only in spirit, for a few years, with tragedy comes prosperity as the planets finally aligned and they were able to record their Self -Titled debut EP. Containing three earth moving tracks, it’ll released independently, initially on CD and digital download on the 13th November, with a vinyl pressing to follow in early 2021.

And today, it’s time to bring you the tectonic battering that is the second track on the EP, Haunter Of The Dark, drummer Mike Lang comments…

Haunter Of The Dark is a lumbering menace that emerged from our earliest practices. Starting with an odd rhythm, it alternates every measure between a slow 4/4 and a chugging 5/16 time signature. We wanted a groove that was introduced on drums and then driven by the bass, that was slow and spacious to set a mood, leaving air to breathe, but was also constantly crawling forward.

Mike continues ‘The resulting momentum is akin to a hulking behemoth ominously stalking its prey across a barren landscape. The evolving kick drum pattern follows the victim’s quickening pulse as they frantically search for escape, and the guitar harmony echoes hopeless cries in the night. After building to its conclusion, the bottom drops out and the pace is sent charging hard towards a valiant but fatal end.

Now click play below and digital pre-orders are available over on Bandcamp.

More On Seismic & Their Self-Titled Debut EP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based instrumental doom metal trio Seismic has completed work on their eponymous debut EP, confirming it for a mid-Fall release.

Seismic arrives with monolithic force on their maiden recording, channelling the ominous and existential horrors of our time and forging them into a lumbering, dynamic landscape of slow-motion sludge/doom metal without vocals or lyrics guiding the way. Immersive, heady, and thunderous, the three tracks on Seismic consume nearly twenty-six minutes, calling to mind the works of Ufomammut, Sleep, Bongripper, Pelican, and Electric Wizard.

Seismic 'Seismic'

Seismic was recorded and mixed by Ben Feldman at Coffee Haüs Studios in Freehold, New Jersey, mastered by William Sullivan at The Wreckin’ Joint, and completed with artwork created by the band’s Ken Miller, a.k.a. Violent Visual.

Seismic was conceived by bassist Ken Miller and drummer Mike Lang who met in the summer of 2014, finding common admiration of the slow, dense sludge/doom metal ways of Sleep, Yob, Pallbearer, Bongripper, Ufomammut, and The Melvins. Over the next year they would work on starting something of their own, but early attempts to rehearse with other musicians stalled and the project took a back seat when Miller joined Philly hardcore band Eaten Alive. They kept in close touch all the while, and after a year of downtime, the project would again gain momentum in 2015 when Miller bumped into an old friend, Anthony Mariano, guitarist of defunct Philly punk band Combat Crisis, who also expressed the same enthusiasm of starting something new. They exchanged their ideas of playing instrumental music which was both dynamic and atmospheric but didn’t rely on any vocals to express a specific message, however, they didn’t make any immediate plans to play.


In 2017, Miller’s friend and Eaten Alive founding member, Max Moya passed away suddenly, and in 2018, Mariano lost his father. Needing a release for their depression and grief, the three members finally got together to play and formed Seismic. Through music, they found a way to express their feelings of suffering, and through music, they persevere. The trio gelled immediately, and they established an organic and collaborative approach to songwriting. Foundations of songs are built in group improvisation sessions where no one member leads. From there, the trio hone songs with a shared sensibility until finally creating instrumental doom metal that moves with purpose and power.

Having shared the stage with bands like Un, Wormwitch, and Bask in late 2019, Seismic was planning to play heavily in support of their debut. While halted due to the ongoing COVID-19, struggling with the loss of live music as an outlet and release, the band will maintain their focus of their creative energies on pushing the band’s vision forward however they can in the meantime.

Seismic Tracklist:
01. The Colour Out Of Space
02. Haunter Of The Dark
03. At The Mountains Of Madness

Seismic are:
Anthony Mariano – Guitars
Ken Miller – Bass
Mike Lang – Drums

Seismic will be released independently on the 13th November, pre-orders are available now from Bandcamp and a vinyl pressing will follow in early 2021.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram