Premiere: Malvost ‘Oljud’ – Releases Friday, 16th July, Via Trepanation Recordings

If ambient soundscapes of drone is the order of the day, then read on as it’s The Shaman’s absolute pleasure to bring you the premiere of Oljud. This four track, thirty five minute, EP is the latest offering from Malvost, the one-man experimental drone project from the British pioneer who simply goes under the name W and will be released this Friday, 16th July through Trepanation Recordings.


When asked about the new EP, W comments, ‘In the Swedish language Oljud is the negative variant of ‘Ljud’ (which just means sound), so Oljud translates to noise, or more literally anti-sound. This word summed up my intentions with this EP and for Malvost in general: not to make noise music per se, but to make music which doesn’t conform to typical standards that also stays within a certain familiar framework and the four tracks here are the best I feel I have created so far.’

Now click play below to be absorbed into the otherworldly realms of Oljud

More On Malvost & ‘Oljud’

Malvost is the solo project of W (Bloodswamp, Skullthrone) created to craft drone doom, dark ambient and noise music together with existential lyricism. Having self-released two demos earlier this year, Invigningen and Återutgivningen, Malvost now continues with the four track EP Oljud.

Oljud (pronounced oh-yood) once again takes its title from a Swedish word, this time one that does not literally translate to English, but that can be said to mean a negative or discomforting noise.

Malvost 'Oljud'

The EP is thirty minutes long and consists of four tracks that span from typical drone metal in the style of Sunn O))), Earth or Boris, electronic ambient drone that takes influence from Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and other artists from the Bedroom Community collective, while the noise side take its influenced from Merzbow. The vocals consist of harsh black metal inspired screams and deep pitch-shifted spoken word pieces. Together the music is intended to blend into a uniquely minimalist style of drone music.

The words on Oljud are as important to me as the music, and they delve into topics including depression and isolation (Lamentations From The Menhir), surrealism and the nature of memory (Kiasma and Viktorija) and the environmental crisis (The Desecration Of Beaivi).

Oljud Tracklisting:
01. Lamentations From The Menhir
02. Kiasma
03. Viktorija
04. The Desecration Of Beaivi

Malvost is:
W – All instrumentation and vocals

Oljud releases this Friday, 16th July via Trepanation Recordings and is available as an extremely limited edition cassette along with a digital download over on Bandcamp.

Label: Trepanation Recordings
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram