Premiere: Ancient VVisdom ‘Master Of The Stone’ – New Album Drops Friday via Argonauta Records

As the UK is currently being battered with one storm after another and leaving total devastation in its wake, it seems quite apt that today, The Shaman can bring you the wind-swept occult doom rock of Ancient VVisdom and their new album Master Of The Stone in its entirety, just twenty-four hours before its official release.

Ancient Vvisdom
Ancient Vvisdom

Teaming up with Italy’s Argonauta Records, the brothers Nathan Opposition and Michael Jochum, who make up the nucleus of the guitar and drums duo, cover a lot of ground across the eight track offering, and about session Opposition says, ‘It’s been one of the best recording sessions a band could ask for, working with my brother is effortless and rewarding. We have a great time making albums together and I believe it shows’.

Now click play below and surrender your soul Master Of The Stone

More On Ancient VVisdom & ‘Master Of The Stone’

Following their latest opus Mundus (2019), Nathan Opposition and Michael Jochum present their most comprehensive work to date, with songs that are from earlier writing stages and some as new as a few weeks before recording them.

They took it to Mercinary Studios, the best studio in Cleveland Ohio, and recorded with their friend Noah Buchanan who plays in the band Nunslaughter. He did a fantastic job capturing the sound, the essence and put his creativity and talents deeply fused into the process.

Ancient Vvisdom 'Master Of The Stone' Artwork
Ancient Vvisdom ‘Master Of The Stone’ Artwork

Master Of The Stone also features a few guest musicians, Vanek from the amazing band Midnight did a guest guitar solo on the track Ashes From On High, Matt Sorg from the Ringworm and Shed The Skin did a guest solo on Sold My Soul To Satan and the aforementioned Noah Buchanan also played guitar on a few tracks as well.

About the album, Nathan Opposition said, ‘There is a good combination of heavy songs in the vein of our album Sacrificial, hard rockers in the vein of our album Mundus and classic VVisdom style acoustic tracks in the vein of our first release A Godlike Inferno. There’s much to enjoy and we absolutely enjoyed making it happen for you! Let the devil’s reign continue and always remember to be true to your true will, hail Satan!’

Master Of The Stone Tracklist:
01. Sold My Soul To Satan
02. The Adversary
03. Apollyon
04. World’s Demise
05. Ashes From On High
06. Master Of The Stone
07. Demon Est Deus Inverses
08. The Devil’s Sermon

Ancient VVisdom is:
Nathan Opposition – Voice, Drums
Michael Jochum – Guitar

Master Of The Stone, the latest album from occult doom rockers Ancient VVisdom releases tomorrow, 26th January, through Argonauta Records and can be purchased now over on the label’s webstore.

Label: Argonauta Records
Band Links: Facebook | Spotify | Instagram