Review: Citrus Citrus ‘Albedo Massima’

In the heart of Italy’s burgeoning underground music scene, Citrus Citrus emerges as a gem, patiently nurtured through years of work in progress. Hailing from Padova in Northern Italy, this five-piece ensemble exudes a musical sobriety that sets them apart, cultivating a sound climate uniquely their own. Formed in 2020 by guitarists Lorenzo Badin and Luca Zantomio, then later joined by bassist Enrico Maragno and drummer Marco Buffetti, the band initially aimed for instrumental psych rock.

Citrus Citrus 'Albedo Massima' Artwork
Citrus Citrus ‘Albedo Massima’ Artwork

However, the addition of singer and producer Thomas Powell altered their trajectory, steering them toward a different musical direction embellishing the album with vocal harmonies that seem to come out of a single voice of a children’s choir. Soft, suave, religious and with an ethereal expressiveness.

Their debut album, Albedo Massima, released through Sula Bassana‘s German label Sulatron Records, bursts onto the scene like a shooting star, leaving behind a firmament of mesmerising dark/light experimental musical sweetness. In the seven songs that make up this compelling debut, Citrus Citrus weave a sonic tapestry that immerses the listener in a magical journey. Albedo Massima delves into the concept of metamorphosis, drawing inspiration from myths and legends rooted in ancient Greek and Latin cultures.

These cultures, integral to shaping human emotions and Western societies, intertwine with the migrations of mythologies across the Mediterranean Sea. The Pomelo, one of the original citrus fruits from which modern species evolved, adds depth to the theme of metamorphosis, playing with words between botany, science, and the splendour that surrounds them.

It is a testament to Citrus Citrus ability to fuse diverse influences into a harmonious expression that transcends boundaries…

From the solar and tribal commencement of Sunday Morning In The Sun, heralding the rising sun, to the almost glacial yet warmly core-laden sunset of Frozen\Sun, the album unfolds like a captivating narrative. The spiritual mantra and ethereal ambiance of Lost It and the desert psych acid rock of Fetonte propel the spirit toward a frenetic and exuberant heartbeat.

Throughout the album, a pervasive veil of spiritual calm permeates the air, seemingly capturing every warm human breath. This musical journey is a slow march, narrated with a voice that echoes the painful and deeply soulful tones reminiscent of Jón Þór ‘Jónsi’ Birgisson from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. Albedo Massima is born out of universal love, undergoing a metamorphosis that perpetually alters the human way of life.

It is a testament to Citrus Citrus ability to fuse diverse influences into a harmonious expression that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to experience the transformative power of their music.

Label: Sulatron Records
Band Links: Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

Scribed by: Domenico ‘Mimmo’ Caccamo