Horse Latitudes ‘Awakening’ CD/2xLP 2012

Horse Latitudes 'Awakening' CD/2xLP 2012Anyone Familiar with Horse Latitudes genre defying masterpiece “Gathering” from 2010 will already have a good idea what to of what to expect here. Twin bass attack with no guitars and clear vocals…

The latest full length titled “Awakening” released recently on Doomentia Records is literally an awakening to those that have not yet given them a chance.

They really have upped the ante this time around, harbouring amazing bass tone that does not blend into one sound but channels perfectly so nuances can be heard to define each instrument. The drums linger perfectly on each note as the perfect companion, keeping great rhythms. The vocals are what really give it the edge, sometimes bordering on ritualistic chanting then seamlessly blending into epic song that at times is reminiscent of Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride, well to my ears at least.

Who needs guitars? They would ruin this if they introduced a staple instrument of music… We need to be clear that this record does not lack anything. In fact, the old adage of “less is more” has never been truer.

Whilst everything is consistent in terms of style and substance the real eye opener is “Profane Awakening”. Falling just short of the eight minute mark, doom metal does not get much better than this.

This is really world class stuff going on here, and you will kick yourself further down the line if you read this and do not go over to their bandcamp and check them out.

Two bass players, no guitars and a drummer that sings. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Label: Doomentia Records

Scribed by: Jas Murray