Video Premiere: L’uomo Nero ‘Water Or Fire’ – From New EP ‘Voda Alebo Oheň’ That’s Out Now

Albuquerque’s blues and desert rock and roll power trio L’uomo Nero dropped Voda Alebo Oheň last Friday, 20th October through Desert Records, which is the third and final part of a three-series set of EPs, whose storyline follows the curious investigation into the death of a lone woman from their home state of New Mexico.

L'uomo Nero
L’uomo Nero

Now today, a few days after the record hit the streets, The Shaman is beyond chuffed to bring you the captivating video for EP opener Water Or Fire. Guitarist and vocalist Dominic Cagliostro, aka Nico L’oscuro, about the cinematography, that was also shot in the beautiful New Mexican Sandia mountains, says, ‘The idea behind the video… witch hunting… wizard vs. witch in the wilderness, who is the hunter, who is the hunted?’

And that Water Or Fire is ‘about a new love interest our protagonists sees as an enemy because they want to break his delusion (his protection). He sees them as another detective coming after him for using magic. The water will wash him clean or fire will burn away his past, allowing for moving forward’.

While Reza Mills in his recent review says that the track ‘starts slowly like a ‘50s style ballad with a doo-wop vibe, before picking up steam with some raw rock ‘n’ roll energy’ and adds that the EP is ‘another quality band on a quality label and it will be interesting to see where the trio go from here.’

Water Or Fire? You decide by clicking play below…

More On L’uomo Nero & ‘Voda Alebo Oheň’

L’uomo Nero is a desert rhythm and blues rock three-piece hailing from the city of Albuquerque in the New Mexico high desert.

Voda Alebo Oheň is the third and final EP in a series that follows the adventures of occult Detectives Nico L’oscuro, Quello Bello and Sentire, and their supernatural and magical practices to uncover the mystery behind the death of a woman from New Mexico.

L'uomo Nero
L’uomo Nero

Andiamo Nel Deserto, the first EP, was released in 2020 on 10” gatefold vinyl with high praise from press and fans alike. The second EP, Elle, De La Mer, was released in 2021 which showcased more strong songwriting and another gorgeous vinyl pressing.

The series was created on the basis of a fantastic thriller that was inspired by true events and American author H.P. Lovecraft. The three EPs take the protagonist through the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. All three of the records gatefold sleeves come together to form a stunning 20 x 30 image for display and your enjoyment.

L'uomo Nero 'Voda Alebo Oheň' EP Artwork
L’uomo Nero ‘Voda Alebo Oheň’ EP Artwork

Voda Alebo Oheň Tracklist:
01. Water Or Fire
02. Push And Pull
03. When I Wake Up
04. The High Road

L’uomo Nero is:
Dominic Cagliostro (Nico L’oscuro) – Vocals, Guitar
Robson Guy (Quello Bello) – Bass
Luke Seelau (Sentire) – Drums

Voda Alebo Oheň, the latest four-track EP from desert rock and roll power trio L’uomo Nero, is out now through Desert Records and available to purchase on the labels webstore as well as Bandcamp.

Label: Desert Records
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram