Video Premiere: Gangrened ‘Triangeli’ – ‘Deadly Algorithm’ Vinyl Drops Tomorrow

Although released on CD and Digital via Trepanation Records and Gure Hitzak back in April, after a three month delay the much sought after vinyl issue of Deadly Algorithm, the latest album from Finland’s tortured sludge doom deviants Gangrened, will finally land tomorrow, Friday 2nd July, across eight labels; Violence In The Veins, Kohina Records, Odio Sonoro, Burial Records, Domestic System, Noizeland Records, Quebranta Records and Gure Hitzak.


As Ian said in his review for Deadly Algorithm ‘This is a richly varied release that finds new ground in a crowded and sometimes unimaginative field’ and added ‘The incorporation of noise, drone and ambient qualities are very welcome and allow pleasing light to counter the shade of the heavy doom and sludge’.

To celebrate the joyous occasion of the vinyl release, Gangrened have unleashed a chilling video for Triangeli, the final behemoth of a track from the forty plus minute album, that we at The Shaman are super stoked to bring you, our dear readers, today. Now click play below and relinquish to the inner turmoil that is Triangeli

More on Gangrened & ‘Deadly Algorithm’

Gangrened returns with their first full length finally after a hiatus that started precisely right after a bunch of dates around Finland with Bongzilla in 2015. The process of composing and recording has been extremely long but this circumstance unexpectedly has contributed to extend the palette of sounds included in the album, to an extend that it became the rendering of a wide 20+ years musical background into the record, showing a more restless creative flow than the average in these genres.

Gangrened ‘Deadly Algorithm’ Vinyl

Making it, this way, an album that is deeper than ever before and goes beyond the genres Gangrened fitted just right in its previous releases. This is not a straight up sludge record, not at all, heaviness is there, but in many ways and along genres like noise-rock, drone, noise, no-wave, psyched out sounds or even ambient, all converging through the record. The album process was finalized (mixed and mastered) by Tom Brooke (Oranssi Pazuzu, Hebosagil, Throat) in summer of 2020 at Tonehaven studios, close to Jyväskylä in Finland.

Deadly Algorithm kicks off with Harrbåda as a quiet intro, where chords as beautiful as dark are dropped through the song. Then comes Triptaani, with its kind of Unsane-ish mean riffing blending heavyness and noise-rock at the beginning of the song to end really atmospheric, intense and filthy at same time. Hologrammi is an old song from first Gangrened’s release that deserved to be taken back and get the right studio treatment. Next is Kuningatar, after an epic intro definitely goes into an acid trip through heaviness, darkness and psyched out and noisy sounds. Last is Triangeli, with its heavy repetitive and obsessive bass line/riff, and maybe the most eclectic song of the album, heaviness gets into noise-no wave territory with a bass synth under, for ending the song, and the album, fading into pure ambient sounds.

Gangrened 'Deadly Algorithm'

Vocals deserve a separated mention, all lyrics are in Finnish and the output of putting a vampire-like goth musical background to work on the vocals for this record has been extremely interesting and creative, do not expect dry regular growling because there is not much of that, better expect for example, to hear things like how a really raw vocal line can have a little bit hip-hop oriented and be laid down over an obsessive heavy riffing, like happens in Triangeli or the really mind bending sounding vocals in the middle part of Kuningatar.

Deadly Algorithm title, cover and concept verses about a subject that was used in the previous release We Are Nothing, how the world economic elites manipulate mass population. In this case, sneaking up, orienting the development of new technologies like neural networks of artificial intelligence for massive data and attention extraction. Persuasive technology to keep users as long as possible connected.

Gangrened ‘Deadly Algorithm’ CD

Unfortunately, in the rising attention and data extraction digital economy that the new technologies are at the right moment immersed in, a human is worth more when we are depressed, outraged, polarized, and addicted. Parallel to this, is growing a massive surveillance by governments and big companies with the purpose of basically implement what seemed a dystopia till a little while ago: Living in the 1984 novel of George Orwell, or even worse. . . ‘If you’re not paying for the product, THEN you are the product’.

Deadly Algorithm Tracklisting:
01. Harrbåda
02. Triptaani
03. Hologrammi
04. Kuningatar
05. Triangeli

Gangrened is:
Jon Imbernon – Guitars, Effects
Lassi Männikkö – Drums
Joakim Udd – Bass, Synth
Mikko Männistö – Vocals

Label: Burial Records | Domestic System | Gure Hitzak | Kohina Records | Noizeland Records | Odio Sonoro | Quebranta Records | Trepanation Recordings | Violence In The Veins
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram