Premiere: Shallow Black ‘D2E0M2O [CHAPTERS]’ EP – Releases This Friday Over On Bandcamp

When insomnia hits there’s only one thing to do if your name is Eric Bigelow and that’s to work on a new solo project. If the name sounds familiar, you’d be right as he’s the drummer for grunge doomers EMBR, but with Shallow Black, it’s an entirely different beast that furrows despondent blackened sludge and doom that’s galvanised with industrial metal.

Shallow Black
Shallow Black

Only last week, our fellow brethren Steve over at Outlaws Of The Sun premiered the elusive video Wasted Breath, the lead track from the debut EP D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS], and today, just 48 hours before its official release date of March 25th, it’s our darkest pleasure to bring you all three tracks in their entirety.

Now click play below and wallow in the bleakness that is D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS]

More On Shallow Black & ‘D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS]’

Shallow Black is a project by the EMBR drummer Eric Bigelow and was born out of sleepless nights, clawing thoughts, drive, the pure need to build and create. All instrumentation/vocals on the release were written and performed by Bigelow himself, apart from a few appearances by EMBR vocalist Crystal Bigelow.

Shallow Black 'D2E0M2O [CHAPTERS]'
Shallow Black ‘D2E0M2O [CHAPTERS]’ Artwork

Recorded in true DIY fashion, this release mixes the sounds of doom and sludge metal but adds groove and elements of electronica. The music has memorable riffs and hooks but leaves enough space to zone out. It’s loud, pummeling, distorted, overdriven and dirty. It’s pure, in-your-face heaviness that pulls absolutely no punches.

D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS] is one track split into 3 chapters and holds a run time of 32 minutes.

D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS] Tracklisting:
01. Chapter 1: Wasted Breath
02. Chapter 2: Far Away From Home
03. Chapter 3: Crushed By The Weight

Shallow Black is:
Eric Bigelow – All Instrumentation
Crystal Bigelow – Guest Vocals

Shallow Black and the debut EP D2E0M2O2 [CHAPTERS] will be released independently this Friday, March 25th, and is available to pre-order over on Bandcamp.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram