Premiere: Dead Neanderthals ‘Restraining Order’

You often see two, three, sometimes more labels collaborating on a release to help spread expenses and increase exposure, but for experimental jazz noise protagonist Dead Neanderthals, and their new 7” Rat Licker, it’ll be issued by a grand total of eight, yes that’s eight record labels (and distros) scattered around the globe, now that is maximising exposure.

Dead Neanderthals - Artwork by Nicholas Pyle
Dead Neanderthals – Artwork by Nicholas Pyle

With a running time of just nine minutes, this crazy Dutch duo have managed to cram a whopping twelve tracks onto the platter, giving grind and power-violence bands a good old run for their money. Over the last few days, there’s been a premiere a day, with yesterdays track Assault Rifle being aired by our good friends over on Echoes And Dust, and today, it’s The Shaman’s turn as we bring you one of the longest cuts from the record, the one minute forty six second saxophone and drum freak out that is Restraining Order

More On Dead Neanderthals ‘Rat Licker’ 7”

2020 has been one of the worst years in recent history: a global pandemic with deadly outcomes, hateful police brutality leading to cold-blooded murder of countless black people and a wack conspiracy theory about a satanic, pederast network of the elite which further derailed society.

Dead Neanderthals 'Rat Licker'

These circumstances have been a direct inspiration for the Rat Licker 7” by Dead Neanderthals. Rat Licker is a scorching 12-tracks-in-9-minutes record that not only reminds us of the early days of Dead Neanderthals, but also of classic bands like Naked City and Painkiller. Frenzied saxophone squealing and coked-up punk rhythms are joined in unholy matrimony to drill a hole in your skull.

To emphasize that not all has been lost in 2020, the 7” is brought to you by a collective of like-minded record labels and distros that want to operate in unity to show that together we can achieve much more than alone. Rat Licker is brought to you by: Utech Records (US), God Unknown Records (UK), Sentencia Records (ES), Burning World Records (NL), EveryDayHate (PL), Moving Furniture Records (NL), Consouling Sounds (BE), Saw-Whet Distro (CA), Dead Neanderthals (NL) and releases on 2nd April.

Dead Neanderthals 'Rat Licker' vinyl

Rat Licker Tracklisting:
01. Bear Mace
02. Crop Meat
03. Brain Damage
04. Hate Trip
05. Assault Rifle
06. Restraining Order
07. Scalp Wounds
08. Hollow Tip
09. Bite Marks
10. Flamethrower
11. Body Count
12. Medical Coma

Dead Neanderthals are:
Otto Kokke – Saxophone
René Aquarius – Drums

Rat Licker was written and recorded by Dead Neanderthals, then mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio, Winterswijk.

Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram