Premiere: Cortége ‘Circling Above’ – Taken From Legends Of The Desert Split With The Penitent Man

Since we first heard Cortége earlier this year with the release of their spellbinding two track affair Chasing Daylight EP, we’ve found the Austin, Texas based duo a revelation with their heavy instrumental doom and drone sonics, so when we were asked to premiere their new track Circling Above only a fool would refuse.


Featuring on the up and coming release, Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 that Tim recently reviewed, a split album with Salt Lake City’s The Penitent Man, who’s guitarists Phil Gallegos and Steve King were recently interviewed as part of our In Search of Tone series, this slab of wax is scheduled to be ushered into the baking sun on 4th June through Desert Records.

On Circling Above the band comments… ‘These tracks were initially recorded under the burning sun in August 2019, right on the heels of getting the Capricorn album ready for release and our first international tour dates later that year. We strove to create a truly western sounding atmosphere, to capture the vastness of a sand choked desert at high noon through several new melodic and rhythmic motifs, reminiscent of traditional elements used throughout spaghetti western cinema and records. Collaborating with our long-time engineer friend Kevin Sparks III and guest trumpet player Matt Krolick made that possible.’


While Desert Records founder Brad Frye adds… ‘Few instrumental bands can immediately transport you to a location like Cortége can. In this case, the American southwest… the desert. I mean, listen to the opening few seconds of the song! Sounds like Turkey Vultures circling above your head. As this song progresses it sounds like Meddle era Pink Floyd has set up their gear looking over the Grand Canyon and started jamming out. This is the perfect instrumental soundtrack to Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2. Journey further into the desert…’

Now click play below to be swept away with the near nine minute dirge, before heading over to Desert Records webstore where you can grab a pre-order…

More On Legends Of The Desert Volume 2

Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 brings us further into the ‘desert’ by showcasing new and classic desert rock bands geographically located in the Southwestern United States.

Continuing the vision of Volume 1, the second installment will introduce the world to two new ‘Legends’ bands, carefully curated by Desert Records owner Brad Frye.

Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 – The Penitent Man & Cortége
Side A – The Penitent Man

The Penitent Man is a five-piece from Salt Lake City blending desert rock, classic rock, heavy blues. These exclusive songs featuring the special guest, Todd Ögren from Rival Sons on keyboard for all three tracks! Sounds like Led Zeppelin teamed up with Alice in Chains to make an album in the desert.

The Penitent Man is:
Allan Davidson – Vocals
Chris Garrido – Drums
Steven King – Guitar
Phil Gallegos – Guitar
Ethan Garrido – Bass

Side B – Cortége

Cortége is a duo from Austin, TX who play ambient doom mixed with post-western cinematic scores. Heavy bass guitar, drums, and tubular bells. Sounds like if Earth and Pink Floyd teamed up to do a soundtrack to a David Lynch film.

Cortége is:
Mike Swarbrick – Bass, Tubular Bells, Keyboards
Adrian Voorhies – Drums
Matt Krolick – Guest Trumpet

Legends Of The Desert Volume 2 Tracklisting:
01. The Penitent Man – A Long Deep Breath Of Sadness
02. The Penitent Man – The Butcher
03. The Penitent Man – Rest My Weary Head
04. Cortége – As It Lay (Heavy In The Air)
05. Cortége – Circling Above

Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 featuring The Penitent Man and Cortége will be released on 4th June via Desert Records and pre-orders are available now over on the labels webstore.

Label: Desert Records
The Penitent Man: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram
Cortége: Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter | Instagram