Unearthly Trance ‘Trident’ CD/LP 2006

Unearthly Trance 'Trident' CD/LP 2006Up from the cold dark depths comes New York hatemongers Unearthly Trance with their latest misanthropic opus ‘Trident’. Each track on this release is a dark and twisted journey, with a new level in song writing being attained by the band.

The CD begins with the harsh rumbling of ‘Permanent Ice’ which then drifts into a more relaxed section with nice ringing guitar harmonies before slamming into an up-tempo Eyehategod style rampage. ‘Firebrand’ starts with a spacey yet hate filled section before going into more a black metal feel with the vocal style greatly adding to this.

‘Scarlet’ has an extremely eerie and strange feel to it’s opening section, leading to a slow droning part where looped echoed vocals add to the unsettled feel. I could go on with each track having it’s own charm, but I’ll let you find out for your self…

This angry threesome have, in the past, improved with each release and this is no exception. In fact ‘Trident’ can be held aloft as their best release yet. Great song writing and ideas coupled with a great sound and production. I’d say there’s more of a Black Metal influence coming through on this one, which makes a great bedfellow among the council of filth and hate.

Label: Relapse Records
Website: www.unearthlytrance.com

Scribed by: Mark Burns