Review: Sedimentum ‘Suppuration Morphogénésiaque’

It’s July 2022, Buckingham palace has melted into a giant rouge and gold globule that is slowly devouring central London, the Royal Family are missing, and the English are no more. Now small groups of Superdry clad raiders only known as the ‘People Of The Sun’ roam the now desolate scorched landscape for what remains of the countries water and Calippo supplies, they scream inaudible cries as they hold aloft the skull and full spinal column torn out of an unsuspecting former apple genius… these are the end times.

Sedimentum 'Suppuration Morphogénésiaque'

You take shelter in the remaining shade of your tower block flat and await your fate. In the meantime, you need hope and something to keep you from joining the raiders… and there it is… one of the finest and my most anticipated releases of modern all guts no salad death metal, it’s Quebec City, Canada’s Sedimentum, and their debut album Suppuration Morphogénésiaque that’s out now via my homeland favourites Me Saco Un Ojo and Spain’s Memento Mori.

Sedimentum came onto my radar in 2019 with their savage and non-compromising demo… aptly titled… ‘demo’. Frankly, it’s no gimmick, no bullshit approach to the genre and low crushing heaviness made it shine like light out of a beacon in a supremely bloated scene. Three years have passed and we have had another killer demo Promo MMXXII which was a physical only release and a couple of splits with great acts Phobophilic and Total Isolation, but I’ve been patiently biding my time, waiting for Sedimentum to finally lay siege to our collective consciousness with a debut full length.

This brings us to today and the release of Suppuration Morphogénésiaque, an ever-morphing slab of death featuring a wonderfully festering abomination of an album cover from Brad Moore, who is killing it with his work on other records from groups like Tomb Mold, Worm, and Gatecreeper.

low-end brutality, killer rhythms, and monstrous heaviness…

Sedimentum craft their sound using rhythm as their power piece. The riffs on here are always infectious, full of groove, and, most importantly, heavier than the universe. Combine these with an absolute pulverising display of drum work behind the kit, driving bass lines, an utterly vitriolic vocal performance, and you have a recipe for downright mesmeric gluttony of filth.

They kick off the record immediately, no atmospherics or movie quote intros; just straight-up decimation, Krypto Chronique II immediately introduces you to the four pieces’ low-end brutality, killer rhythms, and monstrous heaviness. Fans of Danish miscreants Undergang or American fiends Funebrarum will be right at home here, tracks like Funestes Manifestations or the Immolation-esque Excrétions Basaltiques and the punishing Nécromasse are real highlights on the record, but in truth, there is absolutely no filler on here.

It would be impossible for any ‘Die-Hard’ to not enjoy Suppuration Morphogénésiaque, it’s an absolute celebration of everything I love about the genre and all that surrounds it. This is a stonewall entry into my end of year list and is one of the best releases I’ve heard all year. So, do yourself a favour, head over to Me Saco Un Ojo and pick this album up and see why I speak so highly of it!

Label: Me Saco Un Ojo Records | Memento Mori
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Matt Alexander