Steak ‘Corned Beef Colossus’ CDEP/DD 2013

Steak 'Corned Beef Colossus'Following on from the comic book narrative of 2012 debut EP ‘Disastronaught’, Steak are back with the mighty ‘Corned Beef Colossus’. Recorded in a bomb shelter in Sweden, no less, and mixed and recorded by Oskar Cedermalm and Niklas Källgren of Truckfighters , this newest offering proves to be even meatier than its predecessor with Källgren contributing some guitars to EP opener ‘Black Milk’.

The three remaining founding musicians, Kippa, Reece Tee and Cam, all display a sonic development alongside newcomer Sammy (replacing former drummer Dan Kinsey). The production quality is absolutely impeccable, meaning the sheer weight of Steak is clearer than ever without losing any of that all important fuzz. Truckfighters have been an astoundingly good influence on these boys and have turned their sound all the way up to 11.

The London scene is currently spoilt for choice when it comes to underground stoner bands, however, this groove heavy quartet are head and shoulders above their peers and are beginning to carve out their own niche with an enormous breadth of rhythms and melodies at their disposal. Infinitely energetic, they have the ability to turn a song’s structure on its head with a fluidity that would cause most band’s that skip the path of stoner rock to stutter and stall.

Steak aren’t fucking around and with their new found Swedish inspiration the drums and bass take on a louder, more dynamic edge; ‘Glanshammer’ and ‘Whiskey Mule’ are overflowing with unadulterated solid gold riffs, whilst mammoth track of the EP ‘Liquid Gold’ which lulls you into a laid back state of mind before blasting you away with the heaviest brand of stoner metal known to mere mortals.

If the music is not enough to convince you, then take into consideration the hilarious (yet apt) EP title and the awesome cover art (produced by DC comic artist Eduardo Ferigato – if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever then fuck off). This is some extremely well done steak.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Angela Davey