Review: Seismic ‘Seismic’ EP

Seismic from Philadelphia release their debut EP, a three track slab of classy doom and heavy rock that matches up well to the moody and direful artwork by bassist Ken. With a background in the local punk and hardcore scenes this is a band at the more energetic end of the doom range with galloping riffs and faster percussion sections galore. The self-titled record is available digitally today, Friday 13th November, with vinyl shipping early 2021.

Seismic 'Seismic'

One of the great pleasures I find in heavy music is the heavy doom band unafraid to mix it up with some Sabbath-style boogie sections. It made me smile the first time I heard St Vitus Dance many years ago and was one of the reasons that London’s dearly-departed Sloth were so much fun. Philadelphia’s Seismic pull off the same trick throughout this EP. A three piece of baritone guitar, bass and drums they bring ample tone to their sound while leaving space for some lighter moments.

It’s not surprising to note that the rhythm section are the founding members of Seismic, the thunderous bass and energetic percussion giving the impression of leading the songwriting on this record. Although at a slower pace than his other band Eaten Alive, bassist Ken Miller brings a ferocity that is more in keeping with the hardcore scene, than the groove orientated bands that Siesmic could be more readily bracketed with. This is an excellent development and makes for a fresh sound, an aggressive edge that ultimately makes the record very enjoyable. It also augurs very well for what I am sure is both a frantic and tumultuous live show.

An excellent debut effort from a band to drink a beer and punch the air to…

Anthony Mariano, another genre traveller from the Phillly punk and hardcore scene rounds out the trio with a low slung guitar sound that adds more heft to the efforts of drum and bass. Classic doom riffs interspersed with simple progressions mean this is a record that will feel familiar to the doom cognoscenti, but doesn’t veer towards the hackneyed.

Overall this is a record that will be enjoyable at home, but great fun live. The energy that comes from the rhythm section will ensure a high-spirited experience, while a selection of choice riffs and excellent playing from Mariano would ensure head nodding and engaged chin stroking from all present. An excellent debut effort from a band to drink a beer and punch the air to.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Ian M