Satanic Dystopia ‘Double Denim Shotgun Massacre’ Digital EP 2013

Satanic Dystopia 'Double Denim Shotgun Massacre'Like the video nasties section at your local video establishment, something dark and exciting is promised by the release of Satanic Dystopia’s first offering ‘Double Denim Shotgun Massacre’. With only two of the 8 tracks coming in over 3 minutes, this promises to be a short sharp stab to the face…

‘Double Denim Shotgun Massacre’ opens with a classic sample from ‘The Devil Rides Out’, before rampaging into an Entombed-style attack, Osta’s vocals sounding brutal and pissed off, showing the intensity of hardcore punk, while Cox’s thrashes at his drums like a maniac killer. With no room to breathe, second track ‘Steel Breeze’ is a whirlwind of thrash onslaught, punk-crust beats rolling over you like a tank, bell hits on the ride and guitar discordance from Turner leading the band to sound like an even MORE pissed off Aura Noir.

‘Nuclear Nightmare’ sounds like Slayer raging in a 100-capacity venue, walls dripping with sweat, the band still galloping at a breakneck pace, throwing in riffs reminiscent of Absu’s majesty at times. More Entombed worship can be found on ‘Blood, Split And Concrete’, colliding into more blackened guitars and bass played by Lawrence with ferocity. ‘Bastard Squad 666’ reminds the listener of the tongue in cheek nature of the band that can be easily forgotten as the vocals spit with rage, the song ending at a trim 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

‘Tombstone Quee’” begins with slower paced riff for the first time, but not for long, as it gives way to double-kick driven power – thrash/crossover riffs pounding away, a mini epic in under 3 minutes. Again, ‘Black Stallion’ enters the fray with a mid-paced pummelling that isn’t given time to outstay its welcome, interspersed by ferocious blackened sections. Last track ‘Satanic Dystopia’ lulls the listener with a piano intro that leads into arguably the best riff on the album, the production of the guitar leads to the track sounding dirtier and more black thrash than previous tracks and ending the album on a high.

The musical equivalent to ‘Combat Shock’ or ‘Driller Killer’, there is strength here, ready to terrorize the Northern wastelands they call home. If I dared be critical of ‘Double Denim Shotgun Massacre’, it could do with a bit of vocal variation, the overall effect sounds like being hit with a brick, and some variation on the grinding tempo, but then this is probably maliciously planned. Bring on the next one, as Satanic Dystopia are capable of taking this raging mix of Entombed, Blasphemy and Bolt Thrower to new, hideous heights.

Label: Self Released
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: John McNulty