Revenge ‘Victory Intolerance Mastery’ CD/LP 2004

Revenge 'Victory.Intolerance.Mastery' CD/LP 2004From the chaotic, distorted opening 30 seconds of this album, you just know your in for a nasty, nihilistic treat and with the arrival of the blast beats, coupled with dirty grinding riffs help set this little beauty in motion. Revenge dish out complete & total annihilation with their music/sounds and it’s delivered with the ferocity of a rabble of 20-30 cats fighting in your very own front room!

This release does not give-up…..full stop! Well saying that, apart from the odd slip into midpaced tempo’s these deranged Canadians tear forward with face ripping intensity with no hint at melody or a respite. The listener be dammed on this one, just the way those interested in revenge would want it and I’m sure if this was purchased by mistake, it would be up on eBay quicker than an athlete out of the blocks while fuelled on amphetamine!! The vicious vocal attack accompany the warring noise perfectly which reminded me more of a death/grind approach than the black genre which they’re promoted as.

I’ve read that Revenge like to let their music speak for itself and band mastermind J Read is notorious for short, blunt answers in interviews, well this album certainly stands up and speaks for itself, I reckon it could destroy a small town, single handily, no need for chit-chat when this bastard is driving!!

Label: Osmose Productions
Website: N/A

Scribed by: Mark Burns