Old Man Gloom ‘Seminar III: Zozobra’ CD 2001

Old Man Gloom 'Seminar III: Zozobra' CD 2001This is the third release from Aaron Turner’s (Isis) side project. The album consists of one 27 minute track named Zozobra. This has to be, in my opinion, one of the most intense songs released by the band. It combines the drone-esque noise butchery of previous albums, and some avant-garde composition to make an album that is more a musical journey than a single track.

In parts it’s very reminiscent of some of their other material, with the chaotic interference of various sampling, static, and intertwining riffs to drown out the vocals. There’s a heavy sense of progression, however, that becomes apparent as the song advances through its different stages. Sections that can vary from brain shattering, to those that make your hands uncontrollably want to play air guitar. This truly is a beast of its own. Some people might feel daunted by the length of the track (albeit, foolishly), but here’s the thing: This feels more like a conventional album than it does a lengthy song. It keeps the attention piqued as it progresses to the next part of the song; flowing seamlessly into the next. Then when it’s all finished, you’ll be wishing it was twice the length.

Zozobra is one of those albums (songs?) that just seems comfortable in its own skin, so to speak. It lacks a pretence that so many experimental music seems to have, and keeps up a pace to ensure that the listener doesn’t experience boredom. It’s an adventure through many different styles and sounds, and if the ‘Repeat’ button was made for a reason, then this song is the perfect example of it.

Label: Tortuga Recordings
Website: www.myspace.com/oldmangloom

Scribed by: Lewis Hunter