Review: Nebula ‘Live In The Mojave Desert – Volume 2’

This Nebula live show is being released as part of the Heavy Psych Sounds and Stoned And Dusted movie project which also includes other notable bands as Earthless, Spirit Mother, Mountain Tamer and Stoner (Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri’s new band) taking part. Like the above bands the Nebula show has as its backdrop the beauty of the Mojave Desert and a more impressive setting is hard to imagine. Beautifully filmed and lit with ultraviolet light touching the Marshall and Hiwatt stacks, drum kit and the band themselves.

Nebula 'Live In The Mojave Desert - Volume 2'

Performed amidst the sand and the boulders of the California desert at night, Eddie Glass (guitar and vocals since 1997) Tom Davies on bass (since 2003) and Mike Amster on Drums (since 2017) kick off with To The Centre at full throttle, kicking you in the face with sheer space rock and psychedelic abandon. Man’s Best Friend continues the proceedings without a breath before hammering into Giant then Clear Light. Nebula excel at this combination of Hendrix inspired lead improvisation with Black Sabbath and Bleach era Nirvana angst.

The band returned in 2017 and released comeback album Holy Shit in 2019 to a mainly positive response after a hiatus of seven years. The break obviously reinvigorated the band with AMG America’s online music database describing them as ‘A hard working power trio that sounds like it has been hanging out in the garage since 1973, blissfully unaware of the changing world outside’. Amen to that and this gig is testimony to their perseverance, talent and ability to write, and play, exciting and raw rock and roll to this day. Six studio albums since 1999, plus a live Peel Sessions record are all extremely impressive and worthy of your attention.

Lead guitar work from Eddie Glass is highly impressive with the band locked tight on every one of these songs…

The ten song set presented here features a diverse range of material from their time together; Highwire, Wall Of Confusion, Tomorrow Never Comes, Let’s Get Lost, Messiah and concluding with Perfect Rapture. It’s been a long road since their inception in 1997 with six record labels under their belt plus numerous band members lost along the way. Famously they began all those years ago after splitting from Fu Manchu and started their own thing by fully committing to their ‘conscious expanding rock’. Lead guitar work from Eddie Glass is highly impressive with the band locked tight on every one of these songs.

Each of these concert films are presented in 1080p HD and the one track video sample I viewed on YouTube, Let’s Get Lost blew me away. On screen highlights of the lyrics such as ’Take Some Drugs’ and ‘Society’s a Bummer’ give you some idea of Nebula’s thoughts and lifestyle. The rest of the set doesn’t disappoint maintaining a high standard from the get go.

These live recordings will be available on extremely limited vinyl and digipak so be quick and grab yourself some authentic, beautifully presented rock and roll, either by viewing the full concert courtesy of Stoned And Baked or by purchasing the audio representation through Heavy Psych Sounds. A superb band with a truly mastered sound of their very own is always worth your attention and, of course, your hard earned cash.

Label: Live In The Mojave Desert | Heavy Psych Sounds
Band Links: Facebook | Instagram

Scribed by: Tim Keppie