Malasangre ‘Inversus’ CD 2005

Malasangre 'Inversus' CD 2005Inversus is the latest release by Italian Doom-mongers Malasangre. I was impressed with their track on the ‘Church of Flagellation’ Comp Tape which put me onto their latest offering ‘Inversus’. Containing three long tracks the CD comes in a slim line DVD case and was released by the Belgian label Nothingness Records.

First up, ‘Sons’ clocks in at 17mins plus and is a dark and unsettling track with its slow distorted riffs and overall sound creating a nasty feel. Keyboards and samples are used to good affect towards the end of the track. ‘Werewolf/Echoes of the Past’ is the shortest track at 12mis, again Malasangre manage to create a nice dark and unsettled feel with despondent riffing and some good, fitting Charles Manson samples. The track finishes with an ambient section that nods toward the more ambient Black Metal sound.

Lastly ‘Sharp Contemplation’ comes in at a huge 22mins and is a depressive, nihilistic gem. Starting with a slow and hateful riff accompanied by spiteful vocals reminding me of Unearthly Trance, the track then shifts up into a Warhorse groove. Finishing up slow and sinister as at the start, ‘Sharp Contemplation’ grinds to a halt.

Interesting and deep release reminding me at times of Unearthly Trance, and in parts of Warhorse. Also Esoteric due to the sample/effect use. Worth checking out!

Label: Nothingness Records

Scribed by: Mark Burns