Review: I Am Low ‘Úma’

A new signing to the impressive Majestic Mountain Records label are Swedish stoner rockers I Am Low, who are ready to unleash their own brand of heavier and slightly more psychedelic music on the world, with their eagerly anticipated fourth album, entitled Úma. After ten years, three albums, two EPs and one lineup change, the Umea based trio have recorded nine songs that provide a good insight into their minds and soul.

I Am Low 'Úma' Artwork
I Am Low ‘Úma’ Artwork

With probably their best and brightest album to date and if you are a fan of all things stoner rock, like the legends that are Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, with a hint of Alice in Chains, then you are going to really enjoy this epic ride.

They have already whetted people’s appetite for their new music, with the release of the wonderful lead single Dead Space, a song that feels like you are trapped inside a lava lamp, with Kristoffer Norgren’s vocals making you feel that you are floating around in a hallucinogenic inspired dream. The band then follow this up with the recently released Ruins which is a true headbanger, giving more of a fuzzy, heavier stoner rock vibe, with Oskar Melander’s drumming driving the short song forward before the kick ass solo from Norgren comes and goes far too quickly.

the trio just rip things up with all sorts of fuzzy goodness and psychedelic vibes…

This joy is continued throughout the album, with Wake being one of the standout songs, and one where bassist Anton Höög gets to showcase his talents before the trio just rip things up with all sorts of fuzzy goodness and psychedelic vibes. They show their softer, more tender side with the title track Úma, it’s a slow, beautiful song before the tone is changed slightly with a heavier pickup, but the song drifts along effortlessly.

However, it’s with songs like Pigs and the final track Release where the trio really excel as their talents flow out and they let rip with some brilliant short, sharp riffs that really draws the listener into their music and makes it quite an immersive experience. But we can’t get away from the fact that when they write songs such as Time and the Alice in Chains inspired Void, (where I was half expecting Layne Stayley to start singing!!) that it feels like a meandering river running down the side of a snow-capped mountain, but they are showcasing their talents perfectly for the world to listen to.

I can’t imagine anybody not enjoying this album as it covers so many different bases and genres, so grab a beer, turn down the lights, and enjoy.

Label: Majestic Mountain Records
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Scribed by: Matthew Williams