Horisont ‘Time Warriors’ CD/LP/DD 2013

Horisont 'Time Warriors'Horisont are yet another shining example of just how good the modern music scene is in Sweden. Presumably Richie Blackmore and KK Downing have being taking over music classes with a countless amount of great bands emerging from the same places that gave us some absolute gems throughout the 80s.

With ‘Time Warriors,’ Horisont continue to stake their claim that they may be the best new talent (well newish, forming in 2006) from the country with another album of supreme hard rock.
The most noticeable thing this time round is the surprising sense of urgency. Coming in at just under 35 minutes and containing a number of tunes that remorselessly go for the throat, Horisont seem to be out to prove less can be more.

Lead single ‘Writing on the Wall’ was a good choice for album opener with a melodic and powerful blast that can compete in catchiness with the greats of 70s rock. Their knack for writing these memorable and refreshingly genuine songs is what has made them rise above (pun definitely intended) a lot of other bands who seem to simply copy what’s before them with little or no individuality.
Whereas ‘Writing on the Wall’ is in the vein of the bands last two albums, ‘Diamonds in Orbit’ is amongst a few songs on ‘Time Warriors’ which goes in a more heavy metal direction. This new heaviness suits the band well and fits in with their original template as well as providing the perfect musical backdrop for Axel’s soaring, and let’s face it, magnificent vocals.

A welcome return to Horisont is the utilisation of Swedish lyrics which were sorely missed on previous opus ‘Second Assault.’ The apparent tactic of trying both Swedish and English versions during the writing process of the songs has massively paid off with ‘Vänd Tillbaka’ sounding monstrous in the band’s native tongue.

Solidifying even further this round is the recognisable guitar duel of Kristofer and Charles. Clearly brought up on UFO and Scorpions, this duo are amongst the best in modern rock, making ‘Brother’ and other highlights irresistible with the classic checklist of wails, harmonies and solos.

Closing ‘Time Warriors’ is the band’s boldest move, ‘All Must Come To An End Part I and II.’ Containing both the bands softest and most psychedelic moments, this number hints at further experimentation to come and also garners bonus points for giving an extra part to hold on for.

Time Warriors’ is another step forward in an already tip top discography of Swedish steel. Having now solidifying themselves as a unbeatable force both live and on wax, it is up to the riff gods to decide their final place in rock history.

Label: Rise Above Records | Metal Blade Records
Band Links: Official | Facebook | Twitter

Scribed by: Alex Varley