Review: Grub Nap ‘God Pile’

Thirteen minutes and forty seconds. If you know my musical taste, then you would be assuming I’m talking about one song on an exceptionally long album that I will drone on about like the undertone of the music. Not today my friends. Today I’m talking about the all-encompassing thirteen-minute and forty-second long EP God Pile by Grub Nap. However, I will still drone on and on about it though.

Grub Nap 'God Pile'
Grub Nap ‘God Pile’ Artwork

Human Worth have done it again and released a flawless EP. Modern Technology, Remote Viewing and Enablers are vastly different in style, but equally as impressive and you can now add Grub Nap’s fast-paced sludge doom into that mix.

I have no other way to say this than Closerer starts off the EP with one heavy fucking riff. Rage fueled vocals scream out in competition with the crushing riffs and pummeling drums. An intro track of two minutes and a half minutes of relentless power that continues to the final notes of all six tracks.

Sticky Back Uranium crashes through next maintaining the aggressive nature of Closerer. However, a minute in, Grub Nap come to a screeching halt similar to the B side of Black Flag’s My War. It makes for a profound moment that requires a few repeats before moving on.

The intensity quickly returns to side A of My War with The Daily Phet. The rage fueled music fills the surrounding space with lightning speed. Grub Nap are expressing their anger and rightfully so covering themes such as crippling anxiety, greed, and immoral police behavior.

Rage fueled vocals scream out in competition with the crushing riffs and pummeling drums…

Without a moment to breathe Tin Banshee’s explodes to life. Dueling vocals are more present in this track with high pitched ear shattering screams followed by low growls that are channeled from some dark dimension. The most doom like song on the album in my opinion but maybe because it feels slower than the balls to the wall transition into Wire Mother.

I’m starting to hear hints of Amenra vocals but if Amenra were in a severe rush. If you’re not energetic and angry by now, then Wire Mother should take care of that for you. Crowd Pleaser closes this EP with a fantastic riff that begins to slow as we reach the final moments, and the most intriguing aspect is the use of harmonizing screams that create a tortured sound.

Each song progresses the sonic palette by adding textures to the core of their devastation as Grub Nap deliver a fantastic EP that channels their energy and the anger felt by current events to the listener. After only one listen, it is apparent why they are on Human Worth, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Label: Human Worth
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider