Desert Storm / Suns Of Thunder – Split 7″ 2016

Desert Storm / Suns of Thunder - Split 7"Ready for Desertfest Berlin? Hell yeah you are! Tickets? Check. Euros? Check. Clean pants? Somewhere. Liver? Definitely! But wait, H42 Records are here ready and willing to help you prep yourself before you wreck yourself once again with a one-two combo of tasty hot rockin’ chops courtesy of the ever-dependable Oxford kings of boogie Desert Storm and Swansea’s severely underrated wielders of the stoner riff, Suns Of Thunder.

Desert Storm lead out with more dogged determination than Rocky on the ropes with Signals From Beyond. Matt Ryan‘s voice is practically personified whiskey as his throaty rasp cackles over Chris White and Ryan Cole‘s strident, fun-lovin’ riffage and the commanding, square-dancing rhythms forged by Elliot Cole‘s tub-thumping and Chris Benoist‘s looping bass licks. Like the by-product of Mos Generator taking a country afternoon stroll with Fu Manchu and ASG, this is the perfect summation of The ‘Storm’s good time-grooving sound, rather than their more progressive forays into heavy sludge territory.

Suns Of Thunder then arrive to earn their stripes with, errr, Earn Your Stripes. Proudly proclaiming that you need to “ride the roller-coaster and have it your way“, there are yet more guitar-lines twanged and blissful beats bashed in this somewhat lyrically-confusing ode to sticking it to the man. Still, Greg Bombroffe and Matt Williams’ duel-fuel vocals breathe life and energy into these juggernauts of Welsh cool and push a different, more British, slant on Desert Storm‘s knack of sounding like a Maryland bunch out on the run.

Exclusively available on wax of varying colours at the merch tables of Desertfest Berlin, make sure you pack a few more Euros to get your hands on this exclusive vinyl from two of the UK’s finest hard-rocking grafters. Maybe pack some extra pants as well too, you know, just in case you enjoy it slightly too much…

Label: H42 Records
Desert Storm: Official | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter
Suns of Thunder: Facebook | Bandcamp

Scribed by: Pete Green