Cult Of Whores And Dogs – Demo 2009

No ArtworkMany years ago, back in the mists of times there came a band out of the North East of England called Revenant Host who plied their industrial thrash to and audience of…not many. Following the split in 1994 the various members went their merry ways (drummer Jay marked time in Skyclad and Sabbat and now occupies the drum stool in Ravens Creed) and vocalist Keith, disillusioned with the music business turned his hand to journalism. The fire had been well and truly extinguished. Now it would seem someone has lit a match under the guy’s arse and the intervening years away from music have twisted his mind into some truly disturbing areas and now the cherry is ripe for that second bite.

Industrial music was big news in the early 90’s but seems to have lost the abrasive edge that made bands such as Ministry such a vital force. The watered down gothic nonsense that masquerades as industrial rock now could be in for a kick up the backside if Cult of Whores and Dogs have their way. This release is very much Keith’s brainchild, a one track promo only single lovingly and painstakingly pieced together by the man while he scoured the northern wastelands for suitable musicians to join him.

Recorded directly to PC using drum machines, samples and a guitar practice amp, this is a vicious riff driven slice of industrial thrash shot through with a brutal punk fury. Echoes of “Killing Technology” era Voivod rebound around this tune through the spastic offbeat rhythms, the dissonant crusty guitar sound and the distinctive barbed vocal delivery. There is a twisted sense of melody at play here that is oddly catchy. After a couple of listens aspects of this track keep cropping up and rearing their ugly heads. It’s not an immediate fix so the ADHD stricken instant gratification types will need to look elsewhere for their Ritalin kicks but for those that want to grit their teeth and wait for the upper cut should be satisfied.

This isn’t, and I believe Keith will hold his hands up and agree, a fully finished product. The production is raw and obviously a demo, more to the point a demo done on the cheap on home recording equipment so soundwise it doesn’t give the best reflection of what I believe this outfit will be capable of now that a full line-up has come together. Maybe, however, that is the point. Maybe music has gone so far into the quality of the recording that the true spirit of a lot of bands nowadays is being distilled in search of perfection. This recording, rough as it may be, harks back to a D.I.Y approach that hasn’t been seen since the early days of punk and hardcore where the attitude counted for more than the spit and polish…and this does have attitude. What is the point of a demo after all? It’s a sketch, an idea of the bigger picture and not a finished product. I’m hoping people will see through this and see the potential enough to wait for more to come.

Like I said, the potential is there in spades…the passion, the delivery and above all the music but after 15 years away a little more time spent honing the product should benefit this project no end. I believe an EP is in the works for a potential December release, I want to hear 3-4 tracks with a big fuzzed up bass, some nasty guitars, sphincter ripping drums and a vocal so full of bile it rots the throat…now this is something I really look forward to.

Label: Self Released

Scribed by: Ollie Stygall