Review: Corrupted Saint ‘Mutilated Before The Masses’ EP

Idolatry by Devastation, Tortured Existence by Demolition Hammer, Solstice by Solistice and Ritually Abused by Num Skull – brings bone shattering thrash metal and skull fracturing nightmare of death metal together. As a collective, those four albums can be summed up to what the genre ‘death thrash’ delivers upon the ears of all exposed. Corrupted Saint, from Jacksonville, Florida, is a rather new disciple of the aforementioned legends, who possibly also listens to Morbid Saint, Sadus, and Dark Angel, six days a week, to become another welcome addition to the nastiest and gnarliest bands in the genre.

Corrupted Saint 'Mutilated Before The Masses'

Although formed in 2017, but like a whirlwind they’ve already produced two demos, one EP and few singles to claim their own spot in this menacing genre. Like a survival reaction to this current period in time, fueled by distrust, the infuriated Floridians are back with another EP, aptly titled as Mutilated Before The Masses, in co-operation with revered Redefining Darkness Records and Raw Skull Recordz.

Containing four tracks, which clock in at below twenty minutes, and have all the remnants to be THRASHED till DEATH. Suffice to say, this EP is all about the riffs and intensity created from the wall of sound that is each one these four songs. These guys seem to know they have good riffs and they made sure you don’t soon forget. Each one is drilled deep into your skull repeatedly until you beg for kindness.

Corrupted Saint have delivered another strong dose of death thrash, and hopefully a sign of many more obscenities to come…

Good examples of this non-stop assault begin with opener Tomb Of The Tyrant, and the following track, Forced To The Gallows, a double hint to make sure that your neck and back vertebrae are in alignment before the appearance of the punishing Process Of Elimination. And just when you think this thrashing insanity is over, the ending comes with Embalmed Alive which alternates between the brutal, fast-paced, and the more mid-paced thrash, but still maintaining intensity and brutality from start to finish. Nate Boulter on drums showing he can deliver what this demanding genre commands.

Also, Kyle Sweeny (Eating Infinity, Fisted Sister, ex-Cystic Dysentery, ex-Dead Flesh to name a few), his vocals are a huge part of what makes this EP such an intense experience. He has a harsh scream, almost bordering on death metal vocal style, but can still be deciphered. The production has a harshness, and thickness, that helps express the unforgiving and stubborn atmosphere it beholds.

Pesented with artwork by Karl Dahmer, which abstractly demonstrates being mutilated before the masses, Corrupted Saint have delivered another strong dose of death thrash, and hopefully a sign of many more obscenities to come.

Label: Redefining Darkness Records | Raw Skull Recordz
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Randolph Whateley