Review: Bog Monkey ‘Hollow’

As I write this review, I realize I’m wearing a Bog Monkey shirt, so needless to say, this review will be a positive one. I’d seen Bog Monkey‘s name around a lot as they have developed a bit of a following in the Atlanta area and the news of this great band made it a few hours north to me in North Carolina. At first, I assumed another crushing riff stoner rock band (not that it’s a bad thing!) but what lies within the decayed purple forest on the album cover is so much more.

Bog Monkey 'Hollow' Artwork
Bog Monkey ‘Hollow’ Artwork

Hollow is Bog Monkey‘s first full-length album and don’t get me wrong it has plenty of crushing riffs as heard in the massive opening of Crow followed by Facemint. It’s an aggressive start giving the album a High On Fire in space vibe.

Bog Monkey add elements to each song throughout the album expanding their sonic pallet. Slither has an aggressive surf vibe while Tunnel slows things down with a catchy drum beat that is expanded with layering instruments building a larger-than-life track. Trip opens with a Zeal And Ardor Servants tone that I immediately love and the penultimate track, Blister, returns to their explosive nature.

High On Fire in space vibe…

Soma is an astounding closing number that checks off everything I look for in a song and solidified my love for the band. A clean opening and a steady crescendo to a strong conclusion. Zach‘s vocals soar over the heavy atmospheric guitar while Joji‘s crushing bass and Doug‘s pummeling drums will blow you right out of the seat. Definitely looking forward to hearing it on vinyl and for their next release!

Bog Monkey are in the early stages of a promising career and after listening to Hollow, it’s clear why they’ve shared a stage with scene giants High On Fire, Corrosion Of Conformity and Weedeater and played at the Snowblind festival last year.

Label: Independent
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Scribed by: Josh Schneider