THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN ‘Live At Roadburn 2013’ Free Download; Pre-Orders For Vinyl & CD Now Available

The Midnight Ghost Train

Download The Midnight Ghost Train Live At Roadburn 2013 from the Burning World Bandcamp HERE. As usual with the Roadburn releases this download is FREE (or more exact ‘pay what you want’). If you need more you can Pre-Order the album on Vinyl (including a CD) and CD (in digipack with artwork). Pre-orders are available HERE.

The Midnight Ghost Train 'Live At Roadburn 2013' Artwork

The Midnight Ghost Train is a heavy blues / stoner rock band hailing from Topeka, Kansas. For five solid years The Midnight Ghost Train has been touring relentlessly in both the U.S.A and Europe, spreading their own version of thick Mississippi Delta-rooted style of stoner rock. The band is most well known for their intense, passionate, and soulful live show. No matter where they are or how many people they play to, you will never find The Midnight Ghost Train giving anything less than their absolute best.

Now with thousands of shows under their belt, The Midnight Ghost Train has released their new record ‘Buffalo‘ on Karate Body Records. ‘Buffalo‘ has been highly reviewed by hundreds of different sources, many of which state that it is “the greatest stoner rock record of 2012″ – Heavy Planet.