THE GREAT SABATINI To Release New Album ‘Dog Years’ Via Solar Flare Records

The Great Sabatini

The noise metal aficionados at French label, Solar Flare Records, now proclaim the confirmed impending release of the newest LP from Montreal, Canada-based THE GREAT SABATINI.

While virtually unavoidable influence from genre superheroes Unsane, the Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Today Is The Day are evident within THE GREAT SABATINI’s corrosive tones, the band tackles an endless array of approaches within the delivery of their well-honed and devastating hooks and vocal styles. Through a spew of independent and unsigned singles, EPs and two previous full-length releases since 2008 amidst bouts of regional touring as well as extensive tours of North America and Europe, the band has gained a loyal fanbase within the noise, metal and sludge circuits, including the heads of Solar Flare Records, who now brings the band into their ever-expanding roster of gnarled audio chaos, for the release of Dog Years.

The Great Sabatini 'Dog Years' Artwork

THE GREAT SABATINI’s third proper full-length, Dog Years was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Pearson (Cursed, Shallow North Dakota), and boasts the band’s raw, unpolished approach to capture n act with years of accumulated experience touring, writing and recording together. The aim was to create a hi-fi document with all of their lo-fi sensibilities, grit and live energy intact, and the results are astoundingly destructive.

Dog Years will be released via Solar Flare Records as a 12″ LP on June 2nd 2014 and as a teaser of the filth to come, check out the trailer below: