HAIKAI NO KU To Release 2nd Album ‘Ultra High Dimensionality’ Via Box Records

Haikai No Ku 'Ultra High Dimensionality' Artwork

Box Records is proud to present the second full length album, Ultra High Dimensionality, from Newcastle, UK brain-melters HAIKAI NO KU. Following last year’s outstanding debut Sick On My Journey on Burning World Records, the three piece stepped into Blank Studios to record their follow up, a 40 minute pilgrimage through 5 mind-altering tracks.

By now avid fans of doom and psychedelia will be familiar with Mike Vest’s (Bong, 11Paranoias, Blown Out) patented hyper fuzz guitar shrieks and damaged feedback. In HAIKAI NO KU he is joined by Jerome Smith (Female Borstal, Charles Dexter Ward) on bass and Sam Booth (Foot Hair, Bin, Obey) on drums to deliver a burgeoning psychedelic doom trip of the highest grade.

Opener Dead In The Temple begins the album in the most transcendental fashion. Vest’s squawking guitar barks and howls over a lumbering rhythm and an apocalyptic bass line, perfectly introducing the sound and concept of the album. From here on listeners are completely subsumed by the bands’ dark cloud of ear splitting, cacophonous symphonies.

Behold the gargantuan sound of HAIKAI NO KU on their much anticipated second album Ultra High Dimensionality. For fans of Bong, Les Rallizes Denude, Mainliner etc.

Ultra High Dimensionality is pressed on 180g wax with superb artwork and design by Pete Burn, printed on warm grey recycled card sleeve with metallic ink plus download code and is available to pre-order now via Box Records webstore.

Ultra High Dimensionality tracklists:

Side A
I. Dead In The Temple (09:24)
II. Strung Out Beyond The Rim (09:23)

Side B
IV. Blue At Noon (09:02)
V. Void In Aimless Flight (07:52)
VI. Unbroken Reign Of The Violent Yagu (04:16)