STRANGELIGHT: Debut From Geoff Rickly-Led Supergroup Out Now: Full Stream Available At Noisey

Strangelight '9 Days' Artwork

In celebration of its official unveiling via Sacrament Music, today the music moguls at Noisey offer up a full stream of the 9 Days EP from gristly, post-hardcore supergroup, STRANGELIGHT.

Named in homage of a Fugazi song of the same moniker, STRANGELIGHT is the creative manifestation of Brendan Tobin (Made Out Of Babies, Red Sparowes), Cooper (Made Out Of Babies), Kenneth Appel (Goes Cube, Cleanteeth, White Widows Pact), John Niccoli (Mussels) and Geoff Rickly (Thursday, United Nations) conjuring all the earnest, gruff ‘n’ tough stylings of an early ’90s Dischord Records band. Elaborates Metal Reviews in a poignant assessment of the EP, “From the beginning of ‘Split and Divide’ you get this kinky, trippy feeling, with guitars having a certain twangy sound, the voice an urgent lament, all floating along until somewhere around the early third minute the whole thing comes together, like the image suddenly focusing in a viewfinder… The atmospheric twangy, jazzy ‘High Five Hailstorm’ is something I have heard from East of the Wall, Long Distance Calling and Baroness before, where the voice goes harsher and less weepy, the whole song giving me a strange attraction…. ‘White Feather’ is along the same lines, but it slowly dissolves into droning, detuned dirge ever so subtly. The EP may not be long in duration, but it touches on multiple feelings… ‘Xmas’ exudes an eerie quietness until it gets interrupted by a startling chorus. ‘Mosh Party AD’ probably comes from the roots showcasing the punky attitude and midway melodic breakdown, with more anxiety expressed by the vocalist. …’Tiers of Joy’ is self-propelled, it goes places, grows unknown heretofore muscle, with voice, weepy again, floating gently over the boiling bass.”

Lose yourself in 9 Days, courtesy of Noisey, at THIS LOCATION.

Written and recorded at Tobin’s own Ice Cream Audio in Brooklyn, New York in just nine days, anyone with a deep record collection will understand that STRANGELIGHT aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, just taking the dust jackets off the old classics and melting the vinyl down for fun. Commended for dishing up six “massive, post-hardcore jewels, with nice clean and melodic vocals, dissonant guitar work, a fantastic rhythm section and quality song writing,” by, 9 Days is angular, discordant, rhythmic and driving, an emotional outpouring of noisy discontent.

9 Days EP is currently available via Sacrament Music. Order your copy via iTunes HERE.

Source: Earsplit PR